Tess and Ford fall into a kiss while hiding out in the Minute Man Motel. They profess their love. Tess changes out of the nun disguise. Ford looks at a photo of Ryder. Though Tess wants to leave Llanview, Ford can't without his son. Tess becomes upset. "He and I are a package deal," Ford says. "Stay here and help me fight for my son." Tess can't leave Ford. She's there because she loves Ford more than Jessica wants to come back. "If I can learn to love a moron like you…" Tess pauses. "Then I guess I can learn to love your little rugrat too." They admit to being nervous. Ford assures Tess he has protection. They fall to the bed and make love.

Things heat up as Natalie and Brody kiss in her bedroom at Llanfair. "What are we doing?" Natalie asks. They don't want to hurt each other. Brody suggests he leave. Natalie closes the door and replies, "Stay." They discuss Clint's condition and the fact that John and Jessica aren't coming back to them. Neither wants to be alone. This time Brody wants to remember making love to Natalie. Their clothes come off. Brody and Natalie make love.

Rex arrives at the rental property and finds Gigi passed out. He sees the carbon monoxide warning on the generator and realizes Gigi tried blocking the exhaust. Rex carries Gigi away. Marty's taped confession is left behind.

Tea pulls Shane off of Jack at the courthouse. Roxy demands to know what Jack did to Gigi. Shane explains to Tea how Jack was trying to trap him. Jack denies Shane's claims. Roxy gets a call from Rex. It's about Gigi. They have to leave! Shane warns if Jack hurt his mother, he'll kill him. After Shane and Roxy rush off, Tea asks, "Is anything of what Shane said true?" Jack continues to deny any involvement. Tea vows to stand by Jack.

Todd continues to taunt John in his office. John tries to remain calm. The only thing he's interested in is what Marty had to say to Todd. John gets word from a 911 report on Gigi and takes off. Tea and Jack appear. When Tea hears John took off due to something involving Gigi, she explains Shane's claims against Jack and how Roxy got a call about Gigi being in trouble. Todd asks for a moment alone with Jack and forces him to admit he set Shane up.

Rex rushes into the hospital with Gigi and tells doctors how he found her. John arrives. Rex gives him the address where he found Gigi and suggests he ask Jack how she got locked in there. John leaves, as Roxy and Shane arrive. Rex holds Shane back as the doctors tend to Gigi, who has carbon monoxide poisoning. He explains how he found Gigi. Shane sees the raincoat Gigi was wearing. It's his. Jack planned to kill him. Rex convinces Shane to calm down by visiting his doctor upstairs. Later, a doctor appears and tells Rex, "We did everything we could. We were too late."

In his hospital room, Clint refuses to take Matthew's heart and doesn't have hope a new heart will come along. Viki brings up Jessica. Is Clint ready to die knowing he'll never see his daughter again? Clint reflects on being a father. Viki brings up Rex and snaps at Clint for not taking Rex's earlier visit for what it really was. He was inviting Clint into his family. Clint's said everything he has to say to Rex. Viki goes to check on Clint's tests.

Outside of Matthew's room, Dani and Starr fear for their friend. They look in and see Destiny at Matthew's bedside. Starr admits Destiny got sick earlier. She thought it was morning sickness until Destiny said they used protection. Dani's relieved to hear it. Inside, Destiny admits to Matthew that she can't deal with Dani and Starr right now, especially now that they know they slept together. "Nobody needs to know we didn't actually use protection," Destiny states and rants about Starr thinking she was pregnant. That would never happen to them. Destiny promises never to give up on him. Matthew opens his eyes.

John helps secure the crime scene at the rental property. He looks at the spilled contents of Gigi's purse and at the plugged generator exhaust. One of John's men bags the recorder containing Marty's confession found on the floor.

Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Jessica tries to dominate Tess.

Tea hears devastating news.

Rama continues to lie about being pregnant.

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