Inside the locked room, Gigi screams for someone to open the door. She can't imagine had Shane been in there instead of her. Gigi sees the carbon monoxide warning on the generator and whispers, "The silent killer." She can't turn it off or block the exhaust. Gigi cries, knowing she could die and screams, "Damn you, Jack Manning!" She notices the recorder within the dumped contents of her purse and wants to leave Rex a recording so he knows who locked her in there. When she hears Marty's voice on the tape, Gigi realizes she can't tape over it. She plays the tape and hears John is Liam's father. "I've got to tell Natalie," Gigi gasps then passes out.

From the station, Jack calls Brad. He's visiting his father in jail, which gives him the perfect alibi. John drags Todd into his office and asks about Marty. Tea appears and demands John let Todd go. Todd thinks back to Marty's confession about Liam and claims he has something to tell John. Jack appears and tells McPain his dad would never have anything to do with Marty. Tea's called to the courthouse and takes Jack with her. Todd wants the charges dropped and full immunity in exchange for what he has to say. John finds Todd laughable. Todd taunts John about losing his kid to Brody. As John reaches down and places a hand on his gun, Todd challenges John to kill him. If John does, he'll never know what Todd had to say.

At the courthouse, Rex can't get a hold of Gigi. Roxy tells them about the tape she gave Gigi. Rex and Shane put two and two together and bring up the session tape mix-up. Maybe Gigi is listening to it. Jack and Tea appear. Jack's surprised to see Shane there. Shane confronts Jack about being ComicGurl15 and tells Rex that Gigi knows about it too. She caught Shane on the computer. As Jack denies being involved, Rex realizes if Jack tried to lure Shane somewhere, Gigi would've gone in his place. He takes Tea's laptop and finds the address sent to Shane by ComicGurl15. "You better pray Gigi's okay," Rex warns Jack then rushes off. "What the hell did you do to my mom?" Shane grabs Jack.

At Llanfair, Natalie tells Brody what happened between her and John. They're over. Brody's sorry and replies, "I'm giving up on Jessica." Natalie wonders what happens for them next and is surprised to hear Brody's moving out of Llanfair. He promises to always be a part of her and Liam's life and will miss being down the hall from Natalie. She'll miss it too. Brody kisses Natalie.

In her cell at St. Ann's, Tess laces Ford with a few insults then admits, "I love you too." Bess warned this could only mean trouble for them, but Tess vows never to let Jessica out. They kiss. Tess brings up the electroconvulsive therapy. She's not sure she's strong enough to go through it again. Ford calls out for a nun, claiming he's Sister Roberta, and lures her into the cell. The nun sees Tess on the floor and rants about her faking things in the past. Ford and Tess tie up the nun and escape dressed as two nuns on the run.

In his hospital room, Clint demands to know what's happened to Matthew. What's Nora talking about? She explains what happened and cries, "We will not kill our son so you can live." Clint's devastated and would never want Nora to sacrifice Matthew for him. He begs Nora never to let Matthew go.

Outside Matthew's hospital room, Bo tells Viki about Matthew and Clint being a match. Nora thinks Matthew will get better. Bo isn't so sure Matthew's coming back. He's torn and says, "If I let Clint die, and if Matthew doesn't come back, I've killed my brother." Bo doesn't know how to let his child go. Viki talks about the terrible things Clint's done and how they have to take the bad with the good. "What should I do?" Bo asks. Nora appears and admits she went to lash out at Clint, who had no idea about Matthew's condition. Viki assumes Clint was devastated. After Viki leaves, Nora tells Bo Clint doesn't want Matthew's heart. Nora only wants to concentrate on Matthew waking up now.

Viki enters Clint's room. He's in tears. Though Nora thinks Matthew's going to get better, Viki admits Bo's not convinced. No matter what, Clint will not take Matthew's heart.

Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Tess and Ford make love.

Jack confesses to Todd.

John gets a hold of Marty's session tape.

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