Outside the mansion, T.M. hides as Starr appears and asks Sam, "Who were you talking to?" Sam points to where T.M. is hiding. He was talking to a homeless man. At the sound of Starr's voice, T.M. thinks about having a daughter named Starr. He has a flashback of holding Starr as a baby. Starr peeks around, doesn't find anyone and accuses Sam of lying. "He had a line on his face," Sam explains. Starr pulls Sam into the house, as T.M. has another flashback of him and Starr.

Gigi phones Shane from the carriage house and promises she's leaving soon. She just has an errand to run first. Roxy arrives and hears about the wedding. Gigi explains that they were keeping the wedding to the three of them. Roxy hears Shane's Rex's best man but Gigi doesn't have anyone standing up for her. Gigi agrees to let Roxy be her maid of honor. She puts a halt to Roxy wanting to order in some strippers. Roxy still wants to give her something old, new, borrowed and blue. She hands Gigi the session tape. Gigi privately wonders if it's Marty's session tape. She orders Roxy to the courthouse, closes Shane's laptop then heads out the door.

Jack and his friends arrive at Brad's parents' rental property. The kids turn on some music and hide when a knock comes at the door. Gigi lets herself in and heads into the basement, toward the music. When she calls out, the kids think Shane sounds like a girl but shove 'him' into a room anyway. Once they run off, Gigi screams for them to let her out. She has no cell signal but finds a generator. Gigi flips on the switch and is happy to have light. She empties her purse and tries picking the lock with a nail file. The session tape lies amongst her things. Gigi never realizes the generator exhaust is releasing carbon monoxide. Upstairs, Jack has second thoughts about keeping Shane locked up. Brad convinces him to stick to the plan. The kids rush off.

Ford, dressed as a nun, watches Brody and Viki at St. Ann's. Tess is wheeled in. The therapy didn't work. The doctor wants to administer another session. After Tess is wheeled into her padded cell, Viki upsets Brody. She can't subject her child to anymore of this therapy. Both realize they may never get Jessica back. Inside her cell, Tess sees the nun is Ford. She's scared that Viki will agree to more sessions. Ford refuses to lose Tess, who wonders if he's using her to get Ryder. Ford hides when Brody and Viki appear with news that Viki has halted further treatments. Brody admits, as long as Jessica is Tess, he won't be bothering her anymore. Later, Ford admits to Tess that he's in love with her.

John approaches Natalie outside Clint's hospital room and finds out Clint's dying. He holds Natalie close. Natalie doesn't know what she'll do without Clint. John urges her not to give up hope for a transplant. Natalie admits Clint begged her not to give up on John. She thought they shared a moment after Liam was found. Was it all in her head? "It wasn't," John replies and kisses Natalie. He pulls back and apologizes. Kissing Natalie only makes John want to kiss her again. Nothing can change the fact that Brody is Liam's father. Natalie understands and realizes it's really over for her and John. Brody appears and takes Natalie home.

Over in Matthew's room, Nora refuses to entertain the thought of donating Matthew's heart to Clint. She thinks Clint found out about Matthew and wants his heart. Bo isn't sure what Clint knows, but they need to do what's right for Matthew. "I'm not sacrificing Matthew for Clint," Nora snaps. Bo reminds her how much Matthew looked up to Clint, who was going to sacrifice himself for their son. After Nora leaves, Viki appears.

Inside Clint's room, Rex briefly talks about his upcoming wedding to Gigi and admits he's there because they're family - and because Clint's dying. Clint thinks Rex only wants him to include his new family in his will. Rex denies Clint's accusations and warns his life would've been fuller had he gotten to know Shane and Gigi. Rex assumes this will be the last time he'll see Clint alive. Maybe he'll keep the suit he's wearing out after the wedding, to wear to Clint's funeral. "I'm not dead yet," Clint snaps. "You are to me," Rex replies. Later, Nora appears and warns Clint won't get Matthew's heart.

Roxy meets Shane at the courthouse. They talk about Jack and Echo. Even though Shane is a Buchanan, he'll always be a Balsom to Roxy. Rex arrives and wonders where Gigi is.

Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Rex demands answers.

Ford professes his love to Tess, who admits how she feels about him.

Todd taunts John.

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