Outside Matthew's room, Nora joins Rex and Bo. She wonders who they're talking about. Who has the same blood-type as Matthew? Bo fills Nora in on Clint's condition. "You want to give Matthew's heart to your brother?" she asks. Bo never suggested that. Rex confirms and says Clint can get his heart somewhere else. Nora doesn't want to hear anymore talk about Matthew dying. Nora apologizes to Rex then walks away. Rex has to leave too and tells Bo he and Gigi are getting married today. Bo hugs Rex, who promises to say a prayer for Matthew.

Nora goes to Matthew's room and takes his hand. She thinks Matthew squeezed her hand. His doctor claims it was an involuntarily reflex. Nora breaks down in Bo's arms, as the doctor brings up the possibility of Matthew saving Clint.

Down the hall, Destiny rushes to the bathroom. She throws up then rejoins Starr. Destiny thinks it was the burrito she had for lunch. Starr wonders if Destiny thinks she's pregnant. Destiny doesn't think it's possible but privately appears worries.

John finds Kelly getting dressed in her room. She's being released today. He catches her up on Marty's departure and apologizes for getting Kelly into this mess. Kelly doesn't blame him. They were preoccupied with what was going on between them to see how sick Marty was. She needs to see where things go with Joey and suggests he do the same with Natalie. John hopes Kelly gets everything she wants. If she ever needs him, he'll be there. Dorian can't pick up Kelly, who agrees to let John drive her home.

Natalie and Joey watch Clint from outside his room. Natalie's been released but is worried about how pale Clint looks. Inside, a doctor tells Clint he needs a new heart now. His family should be told about his condition immediately. He doesn't have long to live. The doctor leaves, as Natalie and Joey enter. Clint urges them to keep everyone they love close to them then admits, "I'm dying." They're upset Clint didn't tell them and refuse to give up hope. There's only one thing that can save Clint now. Clint has one wish before he dies, to see Joey and Natalie happy with the ones they love. He apologizes for interfering in their relationships and makes them promise to grant his wish. Back outside the room, Matthew's doctor approaches Clint's doctor and asks to talk about his patient, who's in need of a B- heart donor. Later, Rex meets up with Natalie and Joey. While Joey gets word that Kelly left with John, Natalie insists Rex make peace with Clint before he dies or he'll regret it for the rest of his life. Rex goes in and confronts Clint.

At the carriage house, Shane explains how he knows Jack is messing with him. Gigi wants to go kick Jack's bullying butt. Shane insists on beating Jack at his own game. She begs him to simply tell Jack he's on to him then leave Jack alone. Over talk of Gigi's wedding, she sends Shane on ahead to the church, in the limo, and keeps his laptop. Gigi sends ComicGurl15 a message and asks 'her' to meet 'Shane'. "I'll teach you to mess with my son," Gigi says. "And still make it to my wedding on time."

T.M. arrives outside the mansion and sees Sam by the pool. Sam forgot a drink and rushes inside. He finds Brad and Jack talking about Shane and asks, "Who's Wheezie?" When Jack tries bullying Sam to stay quiet about catching him online, Sam kicks Jack and runs away. Brad suggests Jack lock Sam up to keep him out of his business. Jack thinks Brad is a genius. He knows exactly how to handle Shane. John brings Kelly home and agrees to go back to the hospital to pick up her laptop. Later, Joey appears. Kelly holds him, as he cries, "My father's dying." Back outside, T.M. eats some of Sam's snacks and looks at a headline of "The Sun," claiming Todd's innocent. "Who is this guy that keeps saying he's Todd Manning?" T.M. asks aloud. He's startled when Sam approaches him and asks, "Who are you?" T.M. wonders who Sam is. "I'm the kid whose food you ate," Sam replies then hands the 'homeless man' a drink. T.M. asks who the man on the cover of "The Sun" is. "He's my dad," Sam replies. "Todd Manning." Before Sam can tell T.M. who his mother is, Starr calls for Sam. T.M. hides then stares at Starr, who approaches Sam.

Back at the hospital, Natalie thinks about calling John, who suddenly appears before her.

Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Gigi's in the middle of Jack's plans for Shane.

Ford disguises himself as a nun.

John comforts Natalie, who's upset over Clint's condition.

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