Viki meets with Tess' doctor at St. Ann's. Tess bit him after a visit from Ford. Viki can't believe the doctor wants to try Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT). The doctor assures Viki this would be nothing like when Mitch administered a similar procedure on Jessica. Tess screams from her padded cell. Bess appears and warns that Tess will never have Jessica's life. Bess brings up Ford. Tess admits she's fallen for him. Bess reminds Tess that Ford is in the real world. Tess isn't. Tess screams for Bess to leave her alone. Viki and the doctor appear. If Tess doesn't give Jessica back to Viki, she's going to give the okay for ECT. Tess refuses to give in. She'll lose everything. "I'm your daughter," Tess cries. Viki gives Tess one last chance to let Jessica out. "I choose life, my life," Tess states. "The hell with Jessica." Viki gives the doctor the go-ahead to order the ECT. Later, a crew arrives and takes Tess away for treatment. Kicking and screaming Tess, yells, "Bobby!"

James arrives home. Ford admits he's fallen in love with Tess. Tess has used him. She's not real. Ford defends Tess. James warns that Ford's going to lose Tess. Jessica's family will do anything to get her back. After James leaves, Viki arrives. Ford smirks, as Viki talks about how Tess bit her doctor. Viki informs Ford she has ordered Electroconvulsive Therapy. She warns him to stay away and leaves.

Rex and Gigi catch Shane online at the carriage house. Shane was on MyFace but claims he was downloading a test. Shane's excited that Rex and Gigi want to marry at City Hall today. Gigi holds her son, happy to see him smiling again. Rex thinks back to those who've tried to bring them down and says not Stacy, Clint or Jack Manning can ruin their family. Rex and Gigi profess their love."Till death do us part," Gigi promises. After Rex leaves, Gigi catches Shane on MyFace. She sees he's been flirting with a girl but warns the person could be any sicko. Shane admits it's Jack.

Starr finds Jack online at the mansion. He's supposed to be grounded from the laptop. Starr and Jack argue about his recent actions until Dani arrives. She tells them what's going on with Matthew. After the initial shock, Starr gets an idea to create a support page for Matthew, opens the laptop then asks Jack, "Who's ComicGurl15?" Jack claims she's just a girl who's dating someone else. As long as Jack's not bullying Shane, Starr won't tell Blair. Later, ComicGurl15 gets a message from Shane. Jack can't wait to make a fool of Shane.

Matthew's doctor joins Nora and Bo in his hospital room. The latest tests show there's very little hope that Matthew will improve. Destiny listens from the doorway, as the doctor says there's nothing more they can do for him. Bo and Nora either have to move Matthew to a special care facility or take him off life support. Destiny storms in and cries, "You can't let Matthew die." Nora assures Destiny they won't then shoos her out of the room. The doctor reminds Bo and Nora there's a need for Matthew's B- organs. Nora refuses to sacrifice her son. The doctor wonders how Bo feels. Bo reminds Nora that Matthew isn't there anymore. "He's coming back to us," Nora cries. Bo nods his head in agreement. Later, Destiny begs for Matthew to wake up. She can't lose him after what happened in his bed. Starr appears and admits she overheard Destiny. Starr's happy that Matthew found the right girl.

Rex finds Bo and Nora outside Matthew's room. Nora leaves them alone but urges Bo to talk to Rex, who knows all about fighting for his son. Bo explains how Nora won't accept what's going on with Matthew. Over talk of Clint, Rex catches Bo up on his setback. Clint's at the top of the list for a B- heart donor. Bo admits Matthew's blood type is B-.

Nora joins Starr and Destiny in Matthew's room. She asks the girls to tell people to pray for Matthew. That's what he needs right now. Nora promises Matthew, "As long as I have a heartbeat, you will too."

At his apartment, Nate worries about Matthew. He calls Dani then tells Deanna there's been no change. This is his fault. Nate wants to fix this. James arrives and tells Deanna his friend at the carwash called. They have an opening. Deanna reminds Nate that things are working out for her. He just needs to be patient. They'll work out for him too. Deanna leaves with James. Dani arrives and wonders what's wrong with Nate. He claims to be coming down with something.

Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Gigi plans to handle Shane's bully herself.

Sam becomes curious of what Jack's up to.

Clint tells Natalie and Joey he doesn't have long to live.

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