Brad arrives at the mansion and cracks a joke about Jack's foot. It hurts but not as bad as Shane will. Jack has the perfect plan, one that won't involve leaving any fingerprints behind. Jack shares his plan with Brad, who thinks it's genius. They go online through Brad's computer. Brad hopes no one can trace the emails back to him.

At the carriage house, Gigi and Shane tell Rex about the latest incident with Jack. Behind Gigi's back, Rex approves of what Shane did. He hopes Jack will think twice about messing with Shane again. Shane assures Gigi he can handle Jack then heads upstairs. "No MyFace," Gigi orders then privately tells Rex she doesn't think Jack is done harassing their son. Gigi wants Shane to defend himself without turning into a bully too. Talk turns to Clint. Rex shares how he told Clint he hated him, before he coded, and how Matthew is being kept alive by machines. Rex is glad to have Gigi and Shane and vows never to take advantage of them. He doesn't want to wait any longer to marry Gigi.

Upstairs in his bedroom, Shane gets an email through MyFace and accepts a friend request from a girl who appears interested in his comics. Shane begins corresponding with the girl. After asking her a few questions, Shane realizes ComicGurl15 is Jack and plays along. He plans to get the last laugh.

At the station, Tea demands to know what happened between Todd and Marty. Todd thinks about Marty's confession then admits, "It's about that kid Liam." Brody appears and asks, "What about Liam?" Todd claims to be talking about how Liam is back with Natalie. Tea's just happy Liam's back with his parents. "Except he's not," Todd says, smiling at Brody. "What about John McBain?" Brody recalls how John thought he was Liam's father. Tea wonders why Todd cares how John feels. He hates John. Todd doesn’t feel anyone deserves to have their kid taken away from them. Brody understands, having had Ryder taken from him. He doesn't know what he'd do if he came face to face with the person who tried to take Liam from him. Todd stays quiet about Liam's paternity.

Over at the Manning Estate, Blair calls Tomas a hero. "I'm anything but a hero." He thinks about how he and Todd got Marty out of Llanview then claims he simply stumbled upon Liam. Blair wonders if Tomas thinks Todd knew Marty was in the pool house all along. Tomas doesn't know Todd well enough to say. Talk to turns to Jack. Blair admits things are getting worse. She gets emotional. Tomas promises to do anything he can for Blair. While Blair goes to freshen up, Tomas takes a call and arranges to meet someone in New York. Blair reappears. Tomas claims he needs to meet with Claude but will call her when he returns.

John enters Natalie's hospital room. She thanks him for finding Liam. John informs that Marty left on a private jet. Todd was last seen at the airstrip but refuses to talk. She wonders why Todd would help Marty get away. "That's what we're going to find out," John replies and vows to keep her and Liam safe. He owes it to Natalie and should have seen how ill Marty was. Over talk of Marty claiming to have broken them up, Natalie wonders if they knew how she did it, would they have been able to start over? "Never mind," Natalie backtracks then thinks back to being on the roof, holding a tape. Though Natalie doesn't remember what was on it, she admits, "I hoped the truth would bring us back together." When Liam fusses, John hands Natalie his pacifier. Natalie can't help but think if things would've been different, this would've been just another moment of them taking care of their son. Brody appears. John leaves.

Back at the station, Tea wonders what Todd was about to tell her before Brody appeared. John arrives and orders Todd to a cell, maybe then he'll be more inclined to talk. "Maybe not," Todd replies.

At James' apartment, Starr briefly talks about her dad getting arrested then admits she took Hope to see Cole. Hope cried the whole way home. James wonders if Hope's sudden actions have to do with his presence in her life. Starr doesn't think so but likes James' idea that they do more things together with Hope. Though Starr still plans to bring Hope to see Cole, she's happy James plans to have a long relationship with her and Hope. Starr wants to spend some alone time with James but has to get home to Hope. James understands.

Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Bo and Nora have to face life altering decisions.

Starr finds out about Destiny and Mathew's relationship.

Viki goes to drastic measures in an attempt to bring Jessica back.

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