At the gym, Cris and Rama break from their kiss. Cris leans in for more. When they finally pull apart, Rama apologizes. Cris isn't sorry but wonders if the kiss would've happen had Vimal been around. Rama claims to love Vimal. Cris thinks they should talk about their feelings. Rama kisses Cris again, worried it'll continue if she sticks around, then leaves. Blair teases Cris about kissing Rama in public. "I just want you to watch it," Blair warns. "Rama's husband has Tea for a lawyer." Blair has a feeling Vimal isn't going to be in Statesville much longer. Blair turns to the TV and hears about Tomas finding Liam.

Cutter enters the Buchanan Mansion after a swim. Nigel wants to talk about resigning, but the doorbell rings. Cutter orders Nigel to answer it. Vimal's shown in and introduced to the new master of the house. "The Vimalator," Cutter says and grabs hold of Vimal, happy to see he's been released. Vimal's stunned that Rama didn't mention anything about Aubrey, Jessica or anything else that's been going on. "Rama's been busy," Cutter replies and teases about Rama's late-night belly dances. Vimal takes offense. Rama's pregnant. Cutter informs that Rama isn't pregnant. Rama appears and is ecstatic that Vimal's been released. Vimal apologizes for Rama having to live with a half-naked scoundrel and chastises Cutter for claiming she isn't pregnant. Rama insists she's pregnant and asks Vimal to get her a drink. She privately warns Cutter if he tells Vimal the truth, she'll tell everyone what she knows. Nigel overhears and later tells Cutter he'd like to stay in his employ. Nigel plans to probe Rama for the goods on Cutter in order to help the Buchanans.

At the Manning Estate, Tomas wonders where the hell Todd is. Tea appears and asks, "Is Todd with Marty?" Tomas promises Tea has nothing to worry about. Tea knows he and Todd are hiding something. Later, Blair arrives and kisses Tomas.

John finds Todd at the airport and asks, "Where's Marty?" John found no record of the recent flight. Though he doesn’t think Todd could bury a flight plan, the CIA could. He can see Todd's lying and demands to know what Marty told him before leaving. Todd thinks back to Marty's admission about Liam. John brings up how Liam was found with Tomas in his pool house. "If you let it go," Todd challenges. "I'll make it worth your while." John takes out handcuffs. Todd claims he tried to catch Marty after seeing her flee from his pool house. Todd blames John for Marty going crazy. T.M. listens as John reminds Todd of how he raped Marty. What if Marty goes after Todd's kid next time? "There's something I need to tell you," Todd interrupts. "I really like your hair." After John arrests Todd, and takes him away, T.M. says to himself, "What the hell is going on? If that guy's Todd Manning then who the hell am I?"

Ford arrives at St. Ann's, with Ryder, and claims to be Cutter. The nun thinks he looks familiar but can't put her finger on it. After she allows him to go in and see Tess, the nun finds a photo of Ford with orders that he's not permitted to see Tess. Ford joins Tess, who's still struggling with her inner feelings for Ford. She tries to turn Ford away, but he has something to say.

Aubrey follows Joey into the station. He wants to file kidnapping charges against Ford. Aubrey begs him not to and insists Ford wouldn't take off with the baby. Suddenly, a cop gets word of Ford's whereabouts. Later, John brings Todd in, who calls Tea to report his arrest. John gets word that nothing's been found about the recent flight. It's as if the plane doesn't exist. Tea arrives. Todd isn't worried about John's so-called evidence, claiming he helped Marty escape.

Joey and Aubrey arrive at St. Ann's. Tess pretends she's Jessica and says, "Joey, it's all right." Joey doesn't buy it, especially after Tess can't tell him what's in his famous 'Joey Special' sandwich. Joey and Aubrey take Ryder away. A nun shoos Ford out. "What did you want to tell me?" Tess calls after him.

In her hospital room, Natalie and Brody end their kiss. Natalie wants to forget the kiss happened. Brody can't and admits somewhere along the way he's grown to care about Natalie. She feels the same way but reminds Brody he's in love with her sister. Brody promises not to give up on Jessica if Natalie doesn't give up on John. Natalie can't forget that John's already given up on her. After Brody steps out for a minute, Liam fusses. Natalie promises his daddy will be there any minute. John appears.

Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Todd decides to keep Marty's secret a bit longer.

Starr and James get romantic.

Shane takes Jack's bait.

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