John finds Tomas holding Liam in the Manning pool house. Tomas hands Liam over and claims he just found the baby. John orders a cop to hold Tomas then leaves.

Tea finds Brody and his men inside the Manning Estate. Brody hands Tea a warrant. He thinks his son is on the premises. Tea calls Todd and warns he better not know anything about where Marty is. Just as Brody finds and shows Tea a baby pacifier, John appears with Liam and hands him over. Brody thanks John for finding his son then heads to the hospital. Tea's stunned Liam was found in the pool house with Tomas and follows John outside. John confronts Tomas for the truth but gets called away on a lead on Marty. Tea demands Tomas tell her exactly what's going on. Tomas claims what he told John was the truth. After Tomas leaves and calls someone saying that Marty's been taken care of, Tea remembers Todd keeping her away from the pool house.

On the plane, a man tells Thornhart to sit tight. Hidden, T.M. listens in confusion as the man reports to Thornhart that his wife is on her way. She's saying goodbye to her old friend Todd Manning. The man tells Thornhart to calm down. He knows how he feels about Manning, but he'll have his wife back soon enough.

In the private airport, Marty tells Todd she has to tell John that Liam is his son. Todd thinks Marty's crazy and informs that the plane is there, ready to take her to Patrick. A man appears and asks if Marty's ready. Todd asks for a minute and listens as Marty admits that she switched the paternity results. Her confession is on a tape, one she lost. "You've lost it all right," Todd replies. Marty shows Todd the paternity results. She's done so many bad things and has to try to make up for them in order to be able to face Patrick. Marty thinks about what she did to Dr. Buhari and says the woman who Patrick knew is long gone. Todd takes the blame for messing Marty up. Granted, she's a nut job and a menace to society, but Todd claims she deserves to be with the love of her life. The man reappears. Marty needs to leave now or never. She agrees to leave after Todd promises to tell Cole they'll be back for him and to tell John the truth. After Marty's taken away, T.M. appears outside the airport.

Roxy comforts Natalie in her hospital room. She finds the recorder and says, "I almost forgot about this thing." Just as Roxy's about to cheer Natalie up with what she thinks is music on the recorder, Brody appears and places Liam in Natalie's arms. Roxy gives them some time alone. Brody doesn't know what he would've done had he lost them. He kisses Natalie.

Jack finds Blair at the diner and tells her about the cops at Todd's. After Blair checks in with Tea, Jack orders a piece of cake. A waitress brings it to him, but Gigi takes it away and states, "We don't serve bullies." Blair lashes out at Gigi. Jack takes a call from Brad, who reports that Shane's at the gym. Once Jack leaves, claiming to be heading to the library, Blair insists to Gigi that she can't treat Jack like this. He's trying to change. Gigi doesn't believe her.

At the gym, Cris gives Shane instructions for his workout and talks about how tough it was growing up in Angels Square as a young artist. Cris spots Rama and goes to her. She cries and admits she couldn't tell Vimal the truth. Cris thinks Vimal will understand that Rama lied with only the best intentions. Just as Cris calls Rama beautiful, he hears some commotion. Across the room, Jack and Brad taunt Shane about how he almost killed himself. Shane purposely drops a weight on Jack's foot. Jack cries and claims Shane broke his foot. Cris calls Blair. Brad laughs as Shane teases, "Manning, crying like a little girl." Blair and Gigi appear and hear what happened. Gigi thinks Jack went there to deliberately taunt Shane. After Gigi and Shane leave, Blair tells Jack to suck it up. She knows Gigi was right about him being there to harass Shane. Later, Rama rejoins Cris and thanks him for the advice with a kiss.

Back at the diner, Gigi gives Shane Jack's cake but warns there are other ways, aside from violence, to deal with his problems. While Gigi gets news from Roxy about Liam's return, Shane responds to a threatening text from Jack with, "Bring it!" Back at the counter, Roxy takes out the recorder.

Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Vimal's released.

Todd is questioned about Marty's disappearance by John.

Cutter gets comfortable in the Buchanan Mansion.

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