John questions Blair at the diner. What did Tomas say about Patrick? Tomas was surprised he was married to Marty. John reminds Blair Patrick was killed due to his connection with terrorists. Blair thinks Tomas simply admired Patrick's poetry and suggests John look for Liam instead of gunning for Tomas. John is called away. Starr and Hope appear. She overheard Blair talking about Patrick. Did something happen to Cole? Blair reassures Starr and asks about her date with James. Both admit to running into James and Tomas in the elevators. They share how their evenings turned out. Starr loves James but is relieved they didn't have sex. She worries about Cole. He has no one now that Marty has lost it. They decide to take Hope to Statesville to visit Cole, to remind him he's not alone. Nearby, Aubrey admits she had no choice but to let Ford take Ryder. He was going to rat them out to the judge. Joey will never trust Aubrey again. As soon as Jessica returns, he's leaving her for Kelly. Aubrey guesses Kelly didn't welcome Joey back with open arms. If she had, Joey wouldn't be there with her. No matter what, Joey can't wait to be free of Aubrey.

At the hospital, Brody scolds Roxy for not watching Natalie. He realizes where she went and leaves. John arrives. Natalie's missing. Roxy thinks Marty has her. John hands a photo of Natalie to a cop and gives him orders. Roxy wonders why he still carries a photo of Natalie around.

At the Manning Estate, Tomas suggests they offer to reunite Marty with Patrick in exchange for Liam and the disk. Todd's impressed. It's the perfect lie. "It's not a lie. I have proof. Thornhart is alive." Tomas hands Todd a file. "All the proof you need is right in there." Todd worries John will believe Marty's claims against them when they turn her in to the cops. He suggests they send her underground with Patrick.

In the pool house, Marty vows to kill Natalie. Outside, Natalie stumbles toward the pool house and falls. Marty hears a scream, looks out the window and says, "It's true. That bitch is alive." Just as Marty opens the door and aims a gun at Natalie, Brody calls out. Marty hides, as Brody takes Natalie away. Marty plans to leave Liam in order to finish Natalie off at the hospital. She's stopped from leaving when Tomas and Todd appear. Patrick's alive. Todd shows her recently dated photos of Patrick and hands over the file. While Tomas takes a call, Todd tells Marty Tomas wanted to turn her in. Todd wants to help her. Patrick's the love of her life, not John. Todd urges Marty to leave Cole and John behind and turn the disk and Liam over. Tomas rejoins them. The plane's ready. If Marty wants to see Patrick, they have to leave now.

Brody carries Natalie past John and Roxy into the hospital. John joins them in Natalie's room. They have a warrant to search Todd's estate. Brody rushes out. Natalie stops John and begs, "Please find our son." Later, Roxy tells Natalie John carries a picture around of her. With John and Brody, it's as though Liam has double-daddies looking out for him.

Back at the Manning Estate, while Brody storms into the main house, John kicks in the pool house door and finds Tomas holding Liam.

Ford brings Ryder home. James wonders how he got his son back. "I owe it all to Tess," Ford replies and explains what happened at St. Ann's. James thinks Ford's falling for Tess. Ford denies it. James reminds Ford of the fine line between love and hate and accuses Ford of crossing it. Later, Ford wonders if James is right.

The door of Tess' padded cell at St. Ann's opens. Bess appears and demands Tess let Jessica out. Bess warns the doctors are planning electroshock therapy. Tess thinks Ford will save her. Bess claims Ford's simply a desperate father and accuses Tess of falling for him. She warns about what happened with Nash. Tess denies caring about Ford but can't help think about the time spent with him. Maybe Bess is right.

At the facility, T.M. listens as Agent Baker tells Thornhart his release has been signed. They're taking him to Llanview. T.M. follows as Thornhart is escorted away onto a plane. T.M. hides and listens as Thornhart is warned not to contact Cole or deviate from the plan. If he does, he'll end up back in the facility. They'll be in Llanview any minute.

At the airport, before Marty boards the arriving plane, she tells Todd she needs to tell John that he's Liam's father.

Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

John hands Liam over to Brody.

Blair and Gigi argue.

Shane purposely drops a barbell on Jack's foot.

Cris and Rama kiss.

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