In Angels Square, John reaches down to pick something up. Roxy appears and rambles about how much Natalie still loves him. Who cares if the last thing she remembers is kissing Brody. John leaves, clearly frazzled. Roxy sees a penny on heads, picks it up, finds the recorder containing Marty's session tape and says, "This must be my lucky day."

Natalie wakes up from a nightmare in her hospital room. Brody appears. Natalie remembers fighting with Marty about the session tape. She needs to find the tape. Brody stops her from leaving and makes a call. Soon, Roxy appears and agrees to sit with Natalie. After Brody leaves, Roxy apologizes for telling John about Natalie and Brody's kiss then takes out the recorder and asks if Natalie wants to listen to some music. Natalie convinces Roxy to go get her some food. Later, Brody returns and finds Natalie gone.

Joey enters Kelly's hospital room and fills her in on Cutter getting the mansion and admits he needs to stay married to Aubrey for Ryder's sake. He wants nothing more than to be with Kelly. She doesn't want to be his rebound girl. Joey vows to make Kelly believe in him again. He kisses her then leaves.

Todd finds Tomas emerging from the pool house with a gun. Though he didn't kill Marty, Tomas made sure she wouldn't go anywhere. Tomas wants Liam back with his mother. Todd reminds Tomas if they don't get the disk back, their lives are over. Inside, Marty talks to Liam about becoming a family with John. Todd appears and suggests Marty return Liam to his mother. Marty demands proof that Natalie's really alive. Todd wants to take Liam to the house to get the proof. Marty pulls a gun on Todd and says, "The baby stays with me." After Todd leaves, Natalie appears outside the pool house.

Ford finds Aubrey with Ryder at the diner. Aubrey claims they left the Buchanan Mansion to be closer to Viki at Llanfair. "That's a lie," Ford counters and warns he'll have Ryder back once the truth comes out. Joey already knows about her and Cutter. Ford plans to inform the judge that their marriage was a sham from day one. Aubrey knows if she loses Ryder, she'll lose Joey. Aubrey promises to talk to Joey about visitation then allows Ford to take Ryder for a little bit. Later, Joey appears and wonders where Ryder is. At the counter, Claude verifies to Blair that Tomas was with him the night before. Blair wonders why the CIA has a file on Tomas. Claude acts as though he knows nothing then calls Tomas after Blair leaves. Claude warns Tomas to be careful and reminds him of the secret they're keeping. Shaun arrives, as does John, who asks if he's seen any sign of Marty at the Manning Estate. Shaun has no way of knowing if she's been there. Todd's had him roaming the streets instead of guarding the house. Shaun shares his suspicions regarding Todd and Tomas' newfound relationship.

Blair finds Tomas inside the Manning Estate. She ran into Claude and admits she feels better that he confirmed where Tomas was last night. Blair doesn't want to have anymore doubts. They agree to trust each other from now on. Blair sees a headline on Marty and rants about how she stole Natalie's baby. As Blair recalls how Starr and Cole Thornhart's baby was stolen, Tomas perks up when he hears the name Thornhart. Blair explains how Marty was married to Patrick, who died after getting mixed up with a terrorist group. Tomas gets rid of Blair then calls Claude. Something's come up that involves Patrick. They need to call in a favor. Claude arrives soon after with a file then leaves as Todd appears. Tomas knows how to get what they want from Marty. He tells Todd they'll reunite her with Patrick Thornhart, who's alive.

Blair returns to the diner and defends Tomas to John. However, she lets it slip that Tomas was asking about Patrick over talk of Marty.

In the facility, the man with the scar, T.M., cries about Starr, Blair and Tea then says, "I raped a woman. Her name is Marty. My name is Todd." Agent Kent drags T.M. away at gunpoint. T.M. tells Agent Kent he remembers who he gave 'it' to. Just as Agent Kent demands to know if he gave it to John McBain, T.M. knocks him out and changes into his clothes. Other agents call out to make sure Kent is okay. T.M. grabs the agent's gun. Agent Baker calls for the other agents. As they're lead into another cell, T.M. slips out but stops when he hears Agent Baker tell someone, "It's your lucky day. You're getting out of here, Thornhart."

Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

James accuses Ford of falling for Tess.

John makes a discovery during his search for Liam.

Joey plans to divorce Aubrey, so he can reunite with Kelly.

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