Ford appears, dressed as an orderly, in Tess' padded cell at St. Ann's. Tess jumps up and begs Ford to bust her out. "First things first," Ford replies. He takes a photo of him and Tess and jokes, "Something to remember you by." Tess doesn't find Ford funny. Ford demands Tess tell him what she knows about Aubrey and Joey. Why, so Ford can sell Tess out like Cutter did? As Ford threatens to leave, Tess blurts out, "Joey and Aubrey's marriage is a fraud." After Ford gets the details, he steps out then returns. He has a way to get Tess out. Tess instructs him how to get her out of the straightjacket. Once she's freed, they turn to leave. An orderly appears and wonders what's going on. Ford acts as though he's a new employee but is found out. The man throws Ford out, as he screams, "Tess, I'm sorry."

Joey confirms Clint gave Cutter the Buchanan mansion. Cutter wanted the mansion just so he could kick Aubrey, Joey and Rama out. Aubrey apologizes for hurting Cutter but professes to love Joey. Joey doesn't want her. Cutter gives them an hour to pack and get out. Aubrey and Joey decide to head to Llanfair, for Ryder's sake. "What about me?" Rama squeals. Cutter says Aubrey shouldn't be surprised. How did she think things would turn out? While Joey goes to get Ryder, Rama lashes out at Aubrey for betraying Cutter. Aubrey brings up what Rama did to Vimal and accuses her of sleeping with Cris. Rama slaps Aubrey, who slaps her back. The women engage in a hair-pulling fest. Cutter grabs a lamp and orders the girls not to tear the couch. Rama pulls out a chuck of Aubrey's hair. Joey screams, "Enough," and demands Aubrey help him with Ryder. Once they leave, Rama blackmails Cutter into letting her stay. She knows his secret. The one that not even Aubrey knows. On Joey and Aubrey's way out of the mansion, she promises to make things up to Joey.

At the hospital, Dani and Destiny try to hear what the doctor's telling Bo and Nora, which is that Matthew's nearly brain dead. Nate appears and tries to comfort Destiny, who cries about how bad things are. Nearby, Bo begs the doctor not to give up on Matthew. He's a survivor. The doctor agrees to do one more test to confirm Matthew's lack of brain activity. As they take Matthew away, Destiny rushes to Matthew and overhears the doctor tell a nurse that she doesn't blame Matthew's parents for grasping at straws. How does one deal with the fact their child is never coming back? Later, Destiny shares what she heard with Nate. Matthew's not coming back. Dani joins them and urges Nate to go to work. She'll take care of Destiny. Nate's done enough. He thinks back to punching Matthew and says, "I'm so sorry."

Viki joins Rex in Clint's hospital room as he flatlines. A doctor rushes in, as Viki tries to calm Rex, who blames himself for what happened. The doctor reports Clint's been revived but needs emergency surgery. Viki tells Rex that Clint's dying. She tries to convince Rex that underneath all of Clint's hatred, there's a really good man. Viki hopes Rex can see that before it's too late. Dani appears and drags Viki away. Rex spots Bo and hears what's happening with Matthew. Bo had the doctor pull up Matthew's eyelids. There was nothing there. He'll never forget that empty look in his son's eyes. Bo gets word that Matthew's being brought back to his room. He thanks Rex and wonders why he's there. Rex urges Bo to go to Nora and promises to stick around.

Nora sits in Matthew's room, looking at photos of her son. She tapes up one of her, Bo and Matthew. Viki appears and holds Nora close. Later, Matthew's brought in. The doctor tells Bo and Nora the test showed more brain activity than they first thought. However, there's a minimal chance that Matthew will recover.

Down the hall, Viki and Rex get word on Clint. He's alive for the time being but needs a heart, very soon, or he won't survive.

At the diner, Rick's in desperate need to get out of his low rent rut. He spots Deanna and says to himself, "Ask and you shall receive." Deanna tries to blow Rick off, but he convinces her to join him. He can tell Deanna's still down and out and reminds her of the money she can make in one of his films. Nate rushes in. Deanna joins him, as Nate throws up. Rick overhears Nate tell Deanna that Matthew's dying, and that he killed him.

Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Roxy slips to John about Natalie and Brody's kiss.

Aubrey and Ford make a deal in regards to Ryder.

Marty is stunned to hear that Natalie's still alive.

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