When Jessica enters the steam room, she drops her towel and says, "You think it's hot in here, I'm going to really make you hot." Suddenly, Nash stands up and drops his own towel! "Oh, my, Nash! I thought you were Antonio!" While Jessica pleads for him to put his clothes on, Nash accuses her of liking what she sees! "I hate you!" Jessie screams, then tries to walk away. However, Nash doesn't let her go and says she's not leaving until she stops hating him.

With their towels back on, Nash tries to reason with Jessica for Bree's sake and asks her what it is that he's done to tick her off lately? "I don't hate you," Jessica says. "If it's not hate, then what is it?" Nash persists. Getting flustered by her feelings, Jessica confesses, "If I don't hate you, then what I do feel could ruin everything!"

In his office, Bo tells Antonio and Evangeline that the fallout from Vincent's press conference has been major. While they assure Bo that they're doing damage control, Bo says that he's removing them from the arson case! Antonio is furious, but Bo informs him that he has no choice and that they need to prove Cris' innocence without everyone thinking that the department is playing favorites. Reluctantly, Antonio and Evangeline sign papers acknowledging that they're off the case.

When Cris arrives at the station to find out that Evangeline and Antonio are off the case, he starts to leave and says that he's going to do something that he should've done a long time ago! However, Officer Talia stops him with a warrant to search Cris' studio. "This is crazy! They're not going to find anything!" Cris yells while Evageline thinks back on finding the turpentine-covered gloves at Cris' place!

At the hospital, while Rex is trying to convince the guard to let him see Spencer, Spencer's inside hallucinating that Blair's in his room! Before Blair disappears to Spencer, she tells him that Todd will never let her go. When the guard agrees to let him in, Rex looks through the window and notices that Spencer is talking to himself In Spencer's own mind, Blair reappears and urges Spencer to come up with a new plan to get rid of Todd!

Rex walks in and Spencer says, "Can't you see that we're in the middle of something, Balsom!" After 'Blair' convinces Spencer to hear Rex out, Rex asks about Todd's baby. Rex stands back and looks around the empty room, listening while Spencer has a conversation with no one! Rex comes up with a plan and acts as though he, too, hates Todd and tells Spencer that he wants to do everything to take away Todd's son! In Spencer's mind, Blair says that if Todd really thinks his son is dead, they could get Todd to lash out again! Spencer thinks back to his scuffle with Todd on the roof. "What're you proposing, Balsom?" Spencer asks. Rex approaches Spencer's bedside and hands him the fake death certificate. "We need to make Todd think his son is dead." Spencer agrees to work with Rex! Just as Rex turns to leave, Spencer says, "If we keep Todd in the dark and little Tommy where he is, then everyone wins" Rex's stomach drops

After Todd proposes, Blair takes the ring and smiles, remembering back to the last time Todd gave it to her. "Please say, yes, say you'll marry me." However, Blair says, "I can'tIt's not going to happen. It's over." When Blair claims that too much has happened, Todd says he doesn't know how to let her go! "Tell me you don't love me," Todd dares her. Although Blair admits that she loves him, she says the only way that they can survive is apart. Blair begins to cry and says that she can't do this anymore. "We are not over!" Todd says, then leaves

At the Palace, Lindsay and Paige share the tragedies in their lives. When Bo arrives, Paige joins him for lunch, leaving Lindsay to wallow in misery over her breakup with RJ. Over lunch, Paige tells Bo that she would really like to be friends with Lindsay. Although Bo doesn't have a problem with it, he warns her that Lindsay can sometimes be high maintenance. Abruptly, Paige gets called to the hospital, but suggests that Bo finish lunch with Lindsay. Bo grabs his plate and moves on over to Lindsay's table and the two catch up!

At Cris's studio, samples are being taken, things are rummaged through and there's nothing that Cris can do about it! Suddenly, one of the cops calls Officer Talia over to take a look at something! Opening up Cris' laptop, Officer Talia asks Cris what he's doing with detailed surveillance pictures of both of Vincent's properties that burnt down!

Next on One Life to Live:

After Jessica confesses her real feelings to Nash, they kiss!

Rex tells Adriana that Spencer knows that Tommy is Todd's son.

Cris gets arrested and claims that he's being framed!