At the gym, Nash encourages Antonio through his workout as they talk about Jessica's troubles with Nash. Nash assures Antonio that he won't do anything to irritate her anymore. Antonio says that maybe because Nash sees Tess in Jess it makes things harder. However, Nash refuses to discuss the matter of Tess - or Jess - any further. Antonio laughs and the two continue with their workout.

Outside of Blair's hospital room, Jessica and Natalie catch up on all that's been going on in their lives. After Natalie tells Jess about John's stubbornness, Jessica informs Natalie that Nash is Antonio's new manager and that he's getting under her skin. "I'm going to take Marty's advice and stay away from Nash," Jessica says. Suddenly, Natalie gets irate and tells Jessica that if she should stay away from anyone, it should be that self-righteous witch! Although Jessica and Natalie don't agree on Marty, they let it go and head in to see Blair

In Blair's room, Marcie, Starr and Jack visit with Blair and express how happy they are that she made it. Although the kids don't want to leave, Marcie offers to take them to school. After the kids leave, Jessica and Natalie pay Blair a short visit.

Having coffee at his loft, Rex informs Adriana that he's produced a fake death certificate for Todd's baby! "Rex, you can't just make up a death certificate!" However, Rex says that Tommy is where he belongs. While they feel for what Todd has gone through, Rex thinks this is the perfect time to tell Todd that his son is dead. Adriana agrees and they go over the story that Rex plans to deliver to Todd. "It'll work. I've thought it all out," Rex says. But Adriana reminds him about Spencer Truman Rex responds by saying, "We just have to hope that Spencer doesn't know that Tommy is Todd's son." Rex puts on his coat and heads off to give Todd the news and the fake death certificate

When Todd enters Spencer's hospital room, Spencer says, "Youre here to kill me aren't you?" With a guard by Todd's side, Todd says that no matter what attempts Spencer made to get out of going to Wingdale, Blair is on her way to a full recovery and she and Todd will be married soon while Spencer loses everything. As Todd sits next to Spencer, taunting him to tears, Todd tells him that while he's sitting in a cell, Todd will be making love to Blair! After Todd leaves, Spencer jumps out of bed and screams for his lawyer!

At school, Starr thanks Marcie for helping out her family, then goes to her locker. As Cole rounds the corner, Starr acts as though she dropped her books. Cole bends down to help her as they innocently converse against the school's objection.

As Marcie watches Cole and Starr talk, she overhears Britney tell her friends that she's going to make sure that Starr does not get Cole! Suddenly, Britney rushes over to Cole and Starr and acts as though she's so happy that their moms are okay. Marcie interrupts and tells the kids to get to class.

As Starr goes to leave, Marcie stops her. "I don't know what you think you're doing, but you're not fooling me." Marcie warns Starr that her parents don't want her to see Cole and that she needs to stop! Starr blows her off and leaves

When Spencer's attorney arrives, cuffed to his bed, Spencer suggests that he draw up a document making himself Spencer's power of attorney. Spencer's lawyer says, "You're brilliant!"

In the sauna at the gym, Antonio once again asks Nash to try to get along with Jessica for Bree's sake.

Jessica arrives at the gym with Natalie for a massage. When the attendant informs Jessica that their massages will be delayed a bit, she tells Jessica that Antonio is in the steam room. Seduction fills Jessica's eyes and Natalie says, "You wouldn't" "Why not," Jessica says, "If Antonio's in there alone, who cares." Jessica heads off to get naked and surprise Antonio in the steam room!

When Layla shows up at Rex's loft, Adriana expresses how worried she is about a 'certain' case that Rex is working on.

At the hospital, Rex looks through the window of Blair's room at Todd. Although he tries his hardest, the guard will not let Rex enter Blair's room.

Alone in his room, Spencer starts to hallucinate that Blair is with him, vowing to never leave him. "Will you marry me, Blair?" Spencer says.

Antonio tells Nash that he needs to take off and leaves the steam room. When Jessica enters, she says, "It might be hot in here, but I'm about to make you even hotter!" Jessica drops her towel as Nash steals a look through the steam

Sitting by Blair's bedside, Todd promises that he'll never leave her again. Blair tells Todd that it was his voice that she came back for Todd professes that he loves her more now than he ever thought possible, then asks Blair to marry him again!

Next on One Life to Live:

Spencer becomes delusional.

Todd proposes to Blair.

Jessica & Nash find themselves alone in the steam room.

Bo takes Antonio & Evangeline off the arson case as Antonio sets out to prove Cristian's innocence.