At the hospital, Bo holds the handcuffs in front of Todd as Todd begs for him not to arrest him now. Just as Bo is putting the cuffs on Todd, Blair is wheeled out. Todd goes to her and Blair begs for the doctors to save her baby! Todd leans down and asks, "What baby?" When Blair tells Todd she's pregnant, he asks if it's his or Truman's? However, before Blair can answer, Michael whisks her off to surgery. Todd turns back to Bo and tells him there's no way he can leave the hospital and that if Blair's pregnant, he needs to be there for her and his baby! Spencer overhears Todd, and says, "Blair's pregnant? That means we are going to have a baby"

In the loft, Jessica and Antonio are about to make love when the phone rings. As Antonio takes the call, Jessica goes to the window and sees Nash and Layla outside below. Watching as Nash hugs Layla, Jessica finds herself bothered by their interaction. After he finishes up his phone call, Antonio tells Jessica that he has to go into the office for a bit. Jessica kisses him good-bye, takes one last look outside, then goes to check on Bree.

At Adriana's apartment, Rex and Adriana wrap gifts for Tommy. Rex asks Adriana to reassure him that he did the right thing by keeping Tommy's paternity a secret. She says there was no other way around it and was glad that Rex trusted her enough to tell her about Tommy. Rex goes on to tell Adriana that Dorian was using a man as a front to secretly invest in Adriana's company. Adriana becomes furious that Dorian would pull such a stunt after everything she's already put her through!

Marty excuses herself from the table at Rodie's and calls the hospital to check on Blair's condition. After Marty gets the news, she goes to Starr and tells her about Blair's accident. Starr demands that Marty take her to the hospital. While Marty pays the check, Cole takes Starr in his arms.

Nash walks Layla home commenting on what a great time they had. Nash thanks Layla for helping him fool Jessica into thinking they had a romantic connection. Layla says, "Any time." She writes down her number on Nash's hand and tells him to call if he ever needs someone to talk to.

When Layla walks through the door, Adriana tells her that Dorian was the one who invested the money in their company. Layla shocks Adriana by suggesting that they take Dorian's money to get the company on its feet! Adriana rants and raves saying there's no way she'll take Dorian's money! However, Layla seems to think that Dorian is just trying to make things up to Adriana. Adriana says she can't take it anymore and leaves with Rex following closely behind

Just as Bo is about to take Todd to the station, Starr bursts through the hospital elevator begging to know if Blair is going to be okay! Starr goes on to ask why someone would push her mother off the roof. As Spencer is wheeled by them, he tells Starr that Todd pushed Blair over the edge because he found out that she was carrying Spencer's baby! The doctors wheel Spencer away leaving Starr looking for answers

Bo makes Starr step aside and demands that Todd tell him why he was on the roof with Spencer and Blair! Todd makes up a story and says he received a tip that Spencer had lured Blair to the roof. When Bo asks if Todd saw Spencer lying in a pool of blood on the ground below, Todd doesn't answer Bo warns him that if he did, and if he didn't tell the paramedics, that that's grounds for attempted murder! Todd lies and says he did tell the paramedics. Michael comes out and tells Todd that he's verified that Blair is pregnant. Michael gives Todd two minutes to talk to Blair

Michael tells Bo that he's assisting in Spencer's surgery, then heads toward the operating room. Marty steps forward and tells Michael, "I don't think that's a good idea." Marty voices her concern about Michael's hatred for Spencer, but Michael tells her to back off and let him do his job!

At Rodie's Evangeline tells Cris that Layla must be over Vincent because she went out on a date with Nash. Suddenly, Vincent shows up at their table having overheard Evangeline's remark. Cris tells Vincent that Layla is moving on and Vincent says he only wants the best for Layla. When Vincent tells them that he went to see John, Cris warns him not to get involved in John and Natalie's business!

Suddenly, Shaun shows up and tells Vincent that the warehouse that he owns has gone up in flames and that the fire department said it was a total loss. Vincent storms out of Rodie's

Trying to calm down a fussy baby, Jessica takes Bree out for a ride. As they're looking at Christmas lights, Jessica sees Nash walking down the street and pulls over. Nash gets in the car and thanks her for the ride - and for setting him up with Layla saying he had a wonderful time! However, he tells Jessica that she crossed the line by interfering in his life. Jessica apologizes for setting Nash up and says it'll never happen again. Nash smiles and continues to act as though he and Layla had a wonderful time, clearly irritating Jessica. When they arrive at Nash's, Jessica says goodbye and appears confused about her feelings for Nash.

Back at home, Jessica gets a call from Antonio saying he'll be gone longer than expected. Jessica doesn't let on that she was out with Nash

In the operating room, Michael holds the scalpel and begins making an incision in Spencer, thinking back on his hatred for the man

Todd goes into the examining room and takes Blair's hand and Blair tells Todd that the baby is his! The doctor comes in and wheels Blair off to surgery, as Todd promises to be there when she returns

Next on One Life to Live: Todd, Starr & Dorian worry about Blair's condition, Rex & Adriana try to be there for Starr, Bo has no choice but to take Todd to the station, Michael saves Spencer, and Paige delivers the news to Spencer that he's not Blair's baby's father...