At Rodi's, Starr is shocked to hear that Hannah is free and living with Marty. Cole reminds Starr that his mom's a good doctor. Starr thinks she's merely acting like a saint. She can't believe Cole rushed over there to see Hannah and asks, "What're you doing?" Cole doesn't want to hurt Starr but Hannah's his friend. He brings up James being Starr's friend. Starr admits they aren't friends anymore. James wants more and can't handle being around her. "He kissed me, okay!" she blurts out. "Do you have feelings for James?" Cole asks. "Do you feel something for Hannah?" Starr counters. Though they love each other, neither can deny their feelings for James and Hannah. They settle on their feelings not being a problem and agree that things between them are good.

Over at Llanfair, when Jessica suggests she and Brody get married in a few weeks, he wonders if that's too soon. "You still want to marry me, don't you?" Jessica asks. Brody reassures her. Just as Jessica admits she couldn't handle if Brody got someone else pregnant, Natalie appears! Brody tells Jessica to pick any date she'd like then leaves. Jessica worries about Brody having trouble accepting another man's child. What man wouldn't have an issue with that? Natalie tries to reassure Jessica but she doesn't think Natalie could possibly understand. Her baby is John's. After a bit more persuading Jessica asks Natalie to be her maid of honor. Or matron of honor if she and John are getting married? Natalie laughs it off and they joke about Clint cornering John like he did Brody.

Still in her apartment, Marty assures Hannah that she doesn't think she's a psycho. However, Hannah is too focused on her son. Marty talks about her own adolescent obsession. As Marty gives Hannah some advice, Brody arrives. He needs Marty's help. Dr. Levin referred him to her. Hannah gives them some time. Marty assures Brody anything he says will be confidential. Brody explains his situation and how he can't deal with the lies and what he did. Brody almost admits he slept with Natalie. He can't risk Jessica finding out something that would upset her. She could lose the baby. Marty urges Brody to be honest with Jessica. "Too many people will get hurt," Brody replies. After Brody leaves, Marty goes over her notes and tries to figure out what Brody is keeping from Jessica. Hannah reappears and promises Marty that she's going to try to get over her obsession with Cole. Marty's happy to hear it. Hannah smirks as she walks away.

Brody returns to Llanfair. He tells Jessica he's been lying and admits, "I'm having a hard time accepting Ford is the father of this baby." Jessica hugs Brody. She wants them to always tell each other the truth. Brody agrees.

Ross is brought into the station. John admits the body in Tahiti wasn't Eli's. He accuses Ross of helping his brother in exchange for Eli's help in Ross gaining custody of Dani. John vows to fix it so Ross never sees Dani again. Ross almost slips about Eli being alive. John urges him to tell the truth, for Dani's sake. Ross wonders if he tells the truth can John guarantee he won't go to prison? That Todd won't shut him out of Dani's life? Just as Ross is ready to open up, a cop appears to escort Ross to court."You can tell the judge what you were going to tell me," John states then follows Ross out.

Dani rambles to Nate in the Llanview High parking lot. She's anxious about what the judge decided. Nate hands her a good luck charm then watches Dani walk off alone. When his car won't start, Nate calls James, who arrives to help. Nate rants about Dani's situation and says, "I like her. How do I just let her walk away? Do you know what that feels like?" James does.

In her room at Cherryvale, Tea imagines Todd and Dani walking through the door any minute. Greg appears outside the door and stops Todd from entering! "Todd?" Tea whispers. "Is that you?" Back outside the door, Todd admits to Greg he's there because of Tea. Todd briefly explains the court hearing and bodily drags Greg away. Tea calls out for Todd who stops, after threatening to cut Greg's fingers off, and asks, "What the heck was that?" Todd takes a call while Greg insists he needs to check in on his patient. Greg quickly goes into Tea's room, tells her she was dreaming and promises she'll be with Todd soon. Greg rejoins Todd and heads to court with him. Later, a nurse takes the picture of Todd and Dani from Tea. She admits Todd was there earlier and wonders why Greg didn't tell Tea, who doesn't hear her because she's sleeping!

Dani meets Blair in the courtroom and admits Todd wanted to runaway with her. Over talk of how strong Tea was, Dani claims she's nothing like her mother. She has no idea how she's going to get through this. Blair assures Dani that Tea wanted her to be raised with Todd. Court is called to order. John brings Ross in, who starts to confess. Todd barges in with Greg as his witness. John urges Todd to let Ross talk. The judge orders Dani to wait outside. Greg takes the stand and testifies that Tea wanted Ross to raise Dani!

Tomorrow's Llanview Spoilers for One Life to Live:

Todd lashes out at Greg in regards to his testimony.

Natalie and Clint discuss her relationship with John.

Bo questions Rex, who isn't honest with him.

Clint's intentions regarding James make Bo suspicious.

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