Walking to class, Destiny talks to Darren about following Greg to Cherryvale. Darren thinks Greg's worried his patient will die like Tea did and tries to reassure Destiny. She can't forget how Greg practically threw her across the hall after Destiny saw the woman's feet. Destiny wants answers and plans to get them from Greg's patient.

In the Llanview High parking lot, Todd tells Dani, "We gotta go now!" Todd claims the judge has made her decision. When Todd won't let Nate ride with them, Dani accuses him of planning to runaway with her. Todd admits it then says, "If you're going to honor your mother's dying wish get in that car now." Todd can't risk losing Dani to Ross. Dani cares enough about Todd that she doesn't want him to go to prison. Nate urges Todd to find a way to prove that Tea's will is a fake. "Maybe there is a way," Todd replies. He plans to get Greg to testify since Tea told him she wanted them with her when she died. Destiny appears and informs Todd that Greg is with a patient at Cherryvale. Todd orders Nate to stay with Dani then leaves.

Blair and Starr simultaneously show up at Todd's office. They wanted to make sure Todd doesn't do anything stupid to ruin his chance of getting custody. Blair detects Starr's distraction and wonders if everything's all right with Cole. Starr admits she wants to be happy with Cole the way they used to be. However, she can't get James out of her head and says, "I want James in my life." Starr feels horrible that she cares for two guys. Blair reminds her she can only have one. "I want Cole," Starr states. "At least Cole will be happy James is out of my life." Starr thinks it might be a good thing that James isn't going to LU now. Later, Blair calls Dani. The judge has made a decision.

Cole arrives at Marty's who wonders if he's there to see her or Hannah. Hannah appears to say hello. She thanks Marty again for taking her in then talks about college with Cole. He reminds Hannah she still has time to sign up for classes. After Hannah leaves to shower, Marty warns Cole that if he cares about Hannah, which he does, he needs to back off. Cole assures Marty that Hannah understands his commitment to Starr. Marty wonders how Starr feels about Hannah living with her. Cole hasn't told Starr yet for fear she'd pull a Todd and go ballistic. As Hannah listens from the other room, Marty urges Cole to work things out with Starr. Hannah appears and asks Cole to go over his notes with her. She hopes they can get some classes together. Cole suggests that Hannah concentrate on getting her life back first. After Cole leaves, Hannah asks Marty, "Do you still think I'm a psycho who's after your son?"

Tea wakes up in Cherryvale and begs Greg to tell her where Dani and Todd are. She notices she's not at Kitts Hospice and asks, "Where am I?" Greg admits Tea has been getting better. Her tumor is no longer life threatening. Greg happily tells Tea she's going to live and promises to answer all her questions after she rests. "You're a miracle worker, Greg," Tea cries with thanks. Greg ignores a call from Todd then pretends to leave a message for Todd saying that Tea's awake. "I love you, Todd!" Tea yells in the background. After Greg leaves, Tea stares at a photo of Todd and Dani and says, "I'm coming back to you."

Later, outside Tea's room, Todd appears and yells, "Evans!"

Ford and James argue at Rodi's about the person who gave the photos to the Dean. Ford demands that James let it go. James brings up Langston and says at least they can be together now. Ford reminds his brother that sometimes you need to say goodbye to those who mean something to you. James wonders why there always has to be something in the way! Ford thinks back to Langston's admission then asks James if his outburst has anything to do with Starr. James admits he kissed her then backed off. However, the thought of never seeing her again is killing him. Now with him getting the grant at LU… James vows to stay away from Starr. After Ford leaves, Starr appears. As James leaves, Starr cries, "Does it have to be like this?" James stops and faces her. Cole approaches. "See ya," James says and walks away. Starr wonders why Cole wanted to meet her. He has something to say about Hannah that Starr isn't going to like.

Langston is surprised to see Markko at the coffeehouse. Markko returned for his father's surgery. Langston wonders why he didn't tell her. "Why should I?" Markko asks. Langston cries about how hard it was to let him go without saying goodbye. "I can't help wondering, maybe…" Langston begins but is interrupted when Markko gets a call. She listens as he thanks someone for taking him to the airport and how he didn't want to wake her… she was sleeping so soundly. When Markko hangs up, he admits he and Karen have a thing back at school. Over talk of college, Markko is furious to hear that Ford was fired for taking advantage of another girl. "That isn't exactly what happened," Langston admits but doesn't give Markko any details. Markko has to get back to the hospital. "Will I ever see you again?" Langston asks. Markko plans to head back to school soon, says, "Take care of yourself," then leaves. Ford appears, sees Langston then leaves unnoticed.

Tomorrow's Llanview Spoilers for One Life to Live:

Greg testifies.

Natalie is asked to be Jessica's maid of honor.

Cole informs Starr that Hannah is living with Marty.

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