In Tea's hospital room, Greg promises to get Tea back to her family. For now, they can't risk Eli finding out she's alive. Greg opens the door to leave and finds Destiny. He pushes her into the hallway and demands to know what she's doing there. Destiny admits she followed him and says, "I need to talk to you about Tea… I know what you did." Destiny brings up Greg not immediately telling Todd and Dani that Tea wanted them by her side. There are a lot of things Greg wishes he could change. Destiny softens. Greg reminds her how much he loves her. She loves him too and assures Greg that he'll never lose her. Destiny leaves for school. Back inside the room, Tea moves her hand. Greg enters. The machines start beeping. A nurse comes in. Greg admits there was a spike in Tea's blood pressure. He's not sure what caused it. After the nurse leaves, Tea mumbles, "Dani and Todd… Where are they?"

Dani finishes up a call with Ross while seated at the coffeehouse with Todd. Nate appears. Todd makes him sit down. He wants to get to know Nate better. When Dani steps away for another cup of coffee, Todd instructs Nate to call him if Ross shows up and reminds Nate that neither of them wants to lose Dani to Tahiti.

Rex assures Kelly, over the phone, that he'll get her some answers today. He busts into Clint's office and demands to know if he caused Gigi to lose her grant. Clint claims innocence but suggests that someone in power could have the grant restored. Under the right circumstances. "Have you learned your lesson or are you about to make another bad move?" Clint asks then calls the Dean and suggests that she help Gigi financially. The Dean pleases Clint with an idea.

Todd arrives at The Sun and finds Kelly looking over details of David's disappearance. Kelly admits she hired someone to track him down. Todd suggests she spend her time doing something productive at work. Kelly picks up on Todd's mood. She tries to encourage him where Dani is concerned. "Dani could've run off with Ross," she states. "But she's still here." Todd admits he overheard Dani tell Ross 'me too' before hanging up with him. Kelly suggests Todd tell Dani he loves her. He's afraid she won't say it back. Over talk of the hearing, Todd admits he doesn't necessarily have to sit around and wait for a judge to rule who Dani will spend her life with.

Darren is in the Llanview High parking lot with his driver's ed. teacher. He listens as the almost robotic man explains the course. The man brings up the privileged, who can afford to be driven around, and pinpoints the Buchanans. Darren wonders why Destiny hasn't arrived. When Destiny shows up, she tells Darren that something's definitely wrong with Greg. Later, Destiny scares the hell out of Darren and their teacher by driving like a racing pro! Once the teacher rushes off, Destiny tells Darren that whatever's bothering Greg is in a clinic in Cherryvale.

Nate and Dani appear across the lot. Nate warns Dani about her weird driver's ed. teacher and shows her the basics of driving. Dani remembers how Tea promised to teach her how to drive. Now her dad will have to, whichever one the judge appoints her to live with. Nate instructs Dani to start the car. He'll teach her how to drive. Dani drives away. Later, when they return, Todd is there. He urges Dani to get into his car now. They need to leave!

James and Ford are eating breakfast at Rodi's. Just as James wonders why Ford doesn't want to know who set him up, Langston arrives. She makes eye contact with Ford and leaves. Inez appears. She tells James that Clint found out the grant fell through. He even put in a good word for James with the Dean. Ford wonders if Inez is sleeping with Clint. James jumps to Inez's defense and reminds Ford that some people help without expecting sex in return! Inez urges James to go call the college then begs Ford to support James in getting the grant. She would help Ford too if she could. Ford stops her from leaving and apologizes for what he said about her and Clint. James returns and happily reports that the college said he was a perfect candidate for the grant. James just has to wait for an official confirmation. He thanks Inez, who is happy to finally see James happy. On Inez's way out, she calls Clint to thank him. Clint suggests she do that by having dinner with him. Back at their table, James promises things will look up for Ford too. James vows to find out who set Ford up. Cris shows up and joins Gigi at the bar. He hands her a book for class. Gigi explains that she lost her grant. Cris gets a call and happily tells Gigi he has an allowance at college, one he didn't know about. Cris asks Gigi to be his assistant. Rex arrives and hears the news. Gigi is so excited that this new job just fell into her lap!

Rex meets Kelly at The Sun. He lies that David's disappearance has nothing to do with Clint. It's Dorian. David wants to stay as far away from her as he can. Rex warns Kelly that David is gone for good. She should help Dorian get over him as soon as possible.

Langston bumps into someone at the coffeehouse. It's Markko!

Next on One Life to Live:

Langston and Markko reconnect.

Cole is told to give Hannah space by Marty.

Starr admits to Blair she's confused about her feelings for James.

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