In his studio at Llanview U, Cris gives Gigi encouragement. The younger students arrive. One asks if Gigi is Cris' fiancée. Another recognizes her as the waitress from Rodi's. Cris calls class to order. Gigi becomes intimated by the other students' knowledge of art. She admits she's there simply because someone she loves believes in her. Cris places some objects in front of the class and asks everyone to draw what they see. Though one student draws exactly what he sees, Cris is impressed that Gigi drew what wasn't in front of her and created her own vision. After class, Gigi thanks Cris and shares the news of her grant with him. If it weren't for the grant, she wouldn't be there.

Out in the hallway, Ford tries to explain his circumstances to the Dean. She doesn't want to hear excuses. Ford begs for another chance but the Dean stands her ground and refuses to give Ford his job back.

Jessica meets Brody at the gym. Her yoga instructor appears and says to Brody, "You must be the father." Brody takes credit. Once alone, Jessica apologizes but Brody assures Jessica he'll be her baby's father no matter what. After Jessica leaves, Ford appears and asks, "Should I grab some gloves so we can have it out?" Brody refuses to carry out their issues. He and Jessica are getting married. End of story. Ford's fine with that. He has problems of his own! Brody just wants Ford out of their lives. The yoga instructor walks past Ford and Brody and says, "I hope the baby gets its dad's muscles." Ford walks away. Brody unleashes on a punching bag, as recent comments about the baby explode in his head. "Who are you trying to kill?" Cris interrupts. Brody rants to Cris about Ford. Cris sympathizes but has his own frustrations to beat out. Cris smiles when he gets a text from Layla. Across the gym, Nate admits to James that he and Ford had a small breakthrough. James confides in Nate about Inez. James worries he hurt her feelings. Nate reminds James that it'll take time for him to have a relationship with their mother. He shouldn't beat himself up over it. Later, Ford lies to James and says he has no idea who went to the Dean about him and Langston.

Langston and Dorian, who's in disguise, arrive at the coffeehouse. Dorian asks about Langston's classes and professors. Langston admits Ford was supposed to be one of them until she ruined his career. Dorian jumps up, hugs Langston and says, "I've never been prouder!" Langston doesn't feel very proud of herself, especially since James is suffering because of her actions. Dorian blames James' circumstances on Ford as well and warns that Langston has nothing to feel bad about. Dorian steps away and Jessica appears. She and Langston commiserate over the baby and Ford's involvement. Langston is happy that things are okay between her and Brody. Dorian returns and congratulates Jessica, who makes a quick getaway. Dorian presents Langston with a black onyx necklace. Every Cramer girl has one. Langston's actions prove she's a true Cramer. Across the room, Brody joins Jessica and assures her that everything is okay.

Still in Clint's office, he assures Rex he's not threatening him. Rex wonders if Clint helped put David in the Moroccan prison. Clint only alerted the authorities to David's whereabouts. Rex plans to tell Bo, who's been worried about David up and leaving. Clint refuses to allow that and threatens to force Bo to arrest Rex for burglary. Clint warns he'll get Matthew and Kelly involved then says, "There's Gigi to think about…" Clint wonders how Rex being in prison would affect Gigi and Shane. Rex wants to take his chances with Bo. Clint stumps Rex with the knowledge of his expenses and offers to make all of Rex and Gigi's financial troubles go away. "Whatever Kelly's paying you," Clint says. "I'll double it." Rex brings up Gigi's grant. Clint warns it'd be a shame if it fell through. Clint asks Rex to sleep on his offer. In the end, Clint's sure Rex will do what's best for everyone. Once Rex leaves, Clint calls in a favor to the Dean.

At Rodi's, Bo admits to Nora that he and Inez were laughing over Clint. Nora becomes annoyed after hearing the details of their conversation. Inez excuses herself to make a call. Nora immediately wants to know if Bo was trying to get Inez not to go out with Clint. Bo assures Nora that's not how it was. Nora shares Hannah's court outcome with Bo, who's proud of her. After Inez calls Nate, and finds out that he's with James and Ford, she rejoins Bo and Nora. Bo hopes he didn't scare Inez away from Clint. Inez assures Bo he didn't. On Inez's way out, she takes a call from Clint, who brings up James. Clint has a hunch that things are going to work out for him. Gigi returns to work and puts her apron on. It's only a matter of time before she can retire it in exchange for a career. Rex arrives. He's happy to hear about Gigi's great day. After Rex goes to talk to Bo, Gigi gets a call from the Dean. Rex sees her upset and returns to Gigi's side. There was a technical problem at Llanview U. The grant is going to be reassigned! Rex holds her close and says they'll find a way to pay for her to stay in college.

Next on One Life to Live:

Todd takes matters into his own hands.

Langston runs into Markko.

James gets help with college from Clint.

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