Hannah is happy to see that Cole has shown up for her court hearing. Nora explains the charges to the judge. Though she sympathizes with what Hannah went through, she can't ignore what resulted from her lies. Marty takes the stand in Hannah's defense. She claims Hannah was driven to this behavior and shouldn't be punished for it. Nora brings up Hannah's lie involving the death of Marty's baby. Marty continues to defend Hannah. Cole stands up and admits Hannah did everything she did to protect him! Cole credits being alive due to Hannah protecting him. Marty asks the judge to release Hannah from St. Ann's into her care. Nora backs off and Hannah is released into Marty's care! Afterward, Nora admits to Marty that she did the right thing. Cole offers to help Hannah in any way he can. She only wants him to be her friend and places her hand on his. Together, Hannah and Cole leave with Marty.

In the park Starr pulls away from James' kiss and asks, "What're you doing?" He kisses her again. Starr kisses him back then pulls away and says, "I can't. What were you thinking?" James apologizes and rambles about everything that happened to him earlier, especially with Inez. "I couldn't let her comfort me," James cries. Starr is sympathetic but still wonders why James kissed her. "I've been lying to you," James admits. He wants more than friendship but knows Starr's fine with the way things are. "That's not necessarily true," Starr replies. Her feelings are complicated. She walks away, begging James to let it go and says, "Friendship is all we have!" He stops her. Starr can't allow her feelings to affect Hope. She's her number one priory. "I love Cole," Starr finishes. "I'm committed to him." Starr wants to go back to the way things were between them. "I can't do that," James says and walks away. Starr stops him and yells, "You're just going to walk away from me?" He has to and doesn't see how they can just be friends. Starr can't believe he's just going to shut his feelings off and turn his back on her. James can't be second-best. "I get it, but I hate it," Starr replies. James walks away.

Clint joins Inez at Rodi's. She admits her heart is breaking over not being able to help her sons. Clint listens as Inez says she wishes James would take the money for college from her. Bo interrupts and Clint has to head back to B.E. Clint urges Inez to let him know if he can help in any way. After Clint leaves, Inez admits she felt awkward being there with Bo and Clint. Bo felt the awkwardness too but assures Inez he's okay with her dating his brother. Clint's been through a lot. Bo suggests maybe they can help each other. However, Bo doesn't think Inez and Clint react to problems the same way. When Bo talks about Clint pulling a gun on David at his wedding, Inez wonders if Bo's trying to hint that Clint's dangerous. As they laugh, Nora appears and asks, "What's so funny?"Across the room, Gigi asks Kelly if she's interested in Rex. Kelly assures Gigi that her relationship with Rex is pure business. Gigi brings up their naked encounters and is shocked that Rex didn't tell her about the latest one. Again, Kelly reassures Gigi, who makes it clear she doesn't need Kelly's money. She got a grant. The women finally reach a common ground then Gigi leaves for class.

Carlotta visits Cris in his studio at Llanview U and lashes out at him for letting Layla go off to Paris. Cris asks his mother to calm down and respect his and Layla's decision. Carlotta relents and leaves Cris to prepare for his class. Once alone, Cris leaves a message for Layla with love. Gigi arrives, sees Cris' latest project and analyzes, "You're really missing Layla, aren't you? You're not only sad, you're mad." After Gigi explains what she sees in Cris' work, he says, "I think you're going to do just fine."

Matthew stops Rex from leaving Clint's office. He demands to know why Rex has Clint's files. Rex makes out that he's secretly trying to protect Clint before 'something' blows up in his face. Matthew wonders if Bo knows what Rex is doing. "Bo trusts me," Rex states. Hoping to make a quick getaway, Rex puts the files back. Matthew calls security! Security and Clint arrive just as Kelly is calling Rex. Clint pats Matthew on the back then dismisses everyone but Rex. Rex demands to know about the files in Clint's drawer. Clint takes them out and shows Rex the photo of David cleaning toilets in a Moroccan prison. He warns that now that Rex has seen what he came to see, he's going to stay quiet and not report a thing to Kelly. Rex wonders if Clint is threatening him.

Next on One Life to Live:

Inez agrees to go to dinner with Clint.

Langston confides in Dorian in regards to Ford.

The college grant falls through for Gigi.

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