At Llanview U, James sees that the grant has already been awarded to someone. Inez appears looking for Ford. James explains that Ford got fired and now he can't afford college. Though James doesn't want to upset Ford by telling her why he was fired, he thinks it was all a setup. Inez wants to help but James refuses. James needed her help when he was a kid, when his father was beating him. Inez listens as James talks about how he managed to get by. "I can take care of myself," James says then leaves in tears.

Nate approaches Ford in the park and tries to help him pick up his stuff. Ford refuses him. Nate doesn't back down. Ford admits he was fired and says, "Go home and tell mommy." Nate rants about how upset Inez has been over Ford then calls him an idiot. Nate reminds Ford that others would kill for one more moment with their mother then throws one of Ford's awards. When Nate finds out the award was a prestigious film award, he realizes that Ford is 'that' Ford. Nate is a huge film buff, which impresses his brother. He promises to repair the award. Ford jokes about Nate's pitching arm and they have a moment. Nate leaves.

In another area of the park, Langston admits she set up Ford and says, "It was just a job." Starr reminds her that she also hurt James. Langston refuses to allow anyone to walk all over her. Starr tries to make Langston see how revenge can destroy her. Langston recalls how hurt Ford was. She regrets it. Starr assures her it's not too late to undo the damage and suggests she go to the Dean. "Think about it," Starr says and leaves. Later, Langston makes eye contact with Ford as he walks by.

Starr finds James in another area of the park in tears. "What's wrong?" Starr asks. James takes her in a kiss!

Over at Rodi's, Gigi looks at a letter from Llanview U. She can't wait to show Rex, who's talking business with Kelly. "Rex and Kelly." Gigi approaches them. "How can this be if nobody's naked?" Once Kelly leaves, Gigi tells Rex she got the grant. He hugs her with excitement.

In his office, Clint laughs at a photo taken of David in prison. His contact warns that the Warden wants more money. Clint orders the man to pay the Warden another ten percent but to keep his name out of it. Matthew appears. The man leaves. Clint admits the man is one of B.E.'s secret weapons. Matthew suspects Clint's dealings with him aren't legal. Over talk of the law, Clint explains that things aren't cut and dry like in Bo and Nora's work. At B.E. they're gray. Kelly arrives to meet Clint for lunch. While he's finishing with Matthew, Kelly swipes his security clearance card.

Kelly and Clint arrive at Rodi's. Kelly secretly hands Rex the security card. After Rex leaves, Clint warns Kelly that she and Rex better give up their crusade to bring David back to Llanview or he could lose B.E. Clint appears concerned for Dorian but Kelly thinks facing David would help her the most. Clint asks for her loyalty to the Buchanans and lies, saying David's been trying to take the company from them. Kelly had no idea. "Leave well enough alone," Clint pleads. She tries to stop him from leaving but Clint has to get back to work. Clint spots Inez on the way out and asks, "Do you want to talk about it?" Gigi goes to Kelly's table. She wants to talk about Rex.

Rex sneaks into Clint's office and begins snooping through his day calendar. He wonders why Clint went to Morocco on the day of Dorian's wedding. Rex picks a lock and opens a drawer. Rex gets a warning call from Kelly. As he goes to leave, Matthew appears and asks, "What're you doing here?"

In court, Todd and Ross argue over who's Dani's father. Todd takes the stand. Dani listens from behind a chair as he says, "She's everything I want in the world. I don't know what I'd do without her." Ross has his turn, as does Blair. The judge asks why each should be Dani's father. "Because I am," Todd says. "I love her." Ross reminds everyone Dani should live with him because it's what Tea wanted. Blair recalls Tea asking her to be Dani's mother. She never even mentioned Ross. Destiny pulls Dani out of hiding and demands they all ask Dani where she wants to be. The judge allows Dani to take the stand and asks how she feels. "I feel alone. I miss my mom," Dani cries. "I'm supposed to choose one person. I don't want to hurt anyone." Dani loves Ross and says he took care of her all her life. She loves Todd and doesn't want to give up on the progress they've made. She can't choose. Dani wants them both. Nate arrives just as court is adjourned. Dani leaves with Nate. Ross warns Todd to get used to watching Dani walk away.

Next on One Life to Live:

Matthew questions Rex.

Gigi confronts Kelly about her interest in Rex.

Marty takes the stand during Hannah's hearing.

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