In a hospital room, Greg pleads with an unconscious Tea to forgive him. "I didn't have a choice," Greg says. "Not if I wanted to save my family." He hopes in time Tea will forgive him. Greg remembers Eli bringing her to the ER. When Greg got her test results, he was going to call her. But Eli arrived…"There was nothing wrong with you," Greg confesses. "You were perfectly healthy…until you met me." Eli ordered Greg to tell Tea that she was dying and admitted he drugged her in court. Eli threatened to tell Greg's family something he never wanted them to find out. "I falsified your medical records," Greg confesses. He even gave her medicine to mimic the symptoms of someone with a brain tumor. He thinks back to Tea wanting to die with Todd and Dani at her side. It killed Greg to refuse her last wish, especially on the night when he was ordered to kill her. After Greg stashed Tea away, he planned to tell Todd the truth… until he realized Eli faked his death. Greg vows to make things right. No matter what it takes. Greg sets a photo of Todd, Tea and Dani next to Tea's bed. He assures her he'll be back soon… after he kills Eli!

At John's apartment, Natalie wonders how they're going to find Eli. John thinks Ross is the key and informs her that his contact checked in. Ross is at Rodi's and is on the phone with someone right now.

Ross talks to Eli on the phone at Rodi's. Eli assures him he'll get Dani back. Ross says it's too bad Tea had to die in order for it to happen. He talks about how convenient the timing of her death was and reminds Eli this isn't the first time he's killed. Eli confesses how he was with Tea when she fainted in court. He brought her to the hospital then took advantage of the situation in order to help Ross. Suddenly, Natalie appears, takes Ross' phone and listens as Eli calls out, "Ross?" Natalie asks, "Who is this?" Eli hangs up. John appears. Ross grabs his phone and heads to court. Natalie admits she only heard one word. Ross. Though she barely talked to Eli once, she'd bet the farm that was him on the other line. John makes a call about the tap on Ross' phone. The call can't be traced. They wonder if Eli is somehow connected to helping Ross get custody of Dani.

Later, Eli calls Greg from Kitts Hospice and warns him to get there soon or else! Once he hangs up, Eli looks at a photo of Dani and admits that though Ross might be getting custody of Dani he won't be seeing much of her!

Sitting on a park bench, Dani fills Destiny in on what's happening with Tea's will. She wonders if her mother changed her mind toward the end of her life. Destiny recalls that Greg was with Tea until the end. Maybe he knows something? "He already lied to us," Dani snaps. She explains how Tea changed her mind and wanted to be with her and Todd. Greg never told them the truth until it was too late. Dani wouldn't believe a word out of Greg's mouth. Nate has to go. Dani promises not to leave without saying goodbye. When Dani brings up the court hearing, Destiny asks, "Why aren't we there?"

In another area of the park, Ford asks, "You set me up?" Langston admits everything she did and says, "Markko would've been proud." Ford recalls James' warnings and replies, "My brother was right." Langston hopes Ford now knows how she felt when he hurt her. Ford apologizes for hurting her but admits he really cares about Langston. Langston thinks she got what she deserved, after hurting Markko, and says, "And now, so have you." Again, Ford apologizes for everything he did. Langston almost believes him. Ford feels bad for James. This hurts him too. Langston thinks James will be better off without him. She walks away. Suddenly, Nate appears.

James and Starr are walking on the other side of the park. Starr tries to make sense of James' accusations in regards to Langston being back with Ford. He wonders if Starr knows who went to the Dean. Starr has no idea. Over talk of what Dani's going through, James warns, "It's not smart to count on anyone." James admits now that Ford's been fired he's lost his free ride. Starr encourages James not to give up and to fight for what he wants. James brings up the grant he applied for and agrees not to give up. After James leaves, Langston appears. Starr accuses her of setting Ford up. "So what if I did?" Langston asks.

Outside the courtroom, Blair and Todd talk about Tea and Dani. Todd can't face the fact that he's never going to see Tea again. Todd's cutthroat lawyer appears and explains it won't be easy to prove Tea wanted anything different than what's in her will. Todd insists that Tea's will is fake. His lawyer confirms that the signature is legit. He had it tested. When Ross arrives, Blair confronts him for trying to take Todd's daughter away. She blames Eli for using Tea to help Ross and screams, "I hate him!" as she pushes Ross! Todd has to pull Blair off. Ross walks away and Todd holds Blair close.

Later in the courtroom, a judge claims Tea's will appears legit. She grants custody of Dani to Ross. As Todd protests, Dani and Destiny sneak into the courtroom. Ross takes the stand and shows the judge Dani's birth certificate, which names him as Dani's father.

Next on One Life to Live:

Langston makes a confession to Starr about Ford.

James kisses Starr.

Ross, Blair and Todd take the stand.

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