Eli calls Greg from Kitts Hospice. He wants a clean bill of health and says, "I'm bored to death of being dead." Greg reminds Eli of his prognosis and snaps, "I will get there when I get there!" Eli calls Ross next and assures him that Dani will be his soon. Eli hears Blair ranting in the background.

Starr signs the guestbook at Tea's memorial. Blair joins her and they talk about all the people who showed up. Across the room, Ross tells Nate he wants to get to know him. Todd appears and warns Nate that Ross is leaving town tonight. Alone. Over talk of Eli, Todd says, "If he wasn't dead, I'd kill him myself." Starr drags Todd away, as Langston comforts Blair in regards to Eli. Blair wants Langston to take her experience as a lesson when it comes to Ford. Langston assures Blair that she'll never let Ford hurt her again. Starr joins Dani. She doesn't want Dani to go to Tahiti but agrees to accept whatever will make her happy. After everyone leaves, Todd offers to pay Ross any amount to go away and never come back for Dani. Ross turns him down and walks away. Todd pulls a gun on Ross who asks, "What are you going to do, kill me?" That's exactly what Todd plans to do! Todd makes it clear that he can make Ross disappear without getting blood on his hands. Blair appears and demands that Todd not kill someone who Dani loves. Todd lets Ross leave then rants at Blair. "I made a promise to Tea that I'd take care of Dani," Blair seethes. "And I always keep my promises!"

Shaun approaches Greg at Rodi's. He notices Greg is still distraught over Tea's death and asks, "Is there something you want to tell me?" Shaun knows Greg's in trouble and says, "I can help you." Shaun grabs the papers in front of Greg and asks what he's doing with Tea's medical files. Greg warns Shaun to back off. For his own good and for Destiny's! Reluctantly, Shaun agrees to trust Greg and says, "If you need me, I'm there." Shaun leaves and Greg downs his drink. After Greg leaves, Ross arrives. He calls Eli who reassures him again.

Nate and Dani walk through the park. Dani admits the text was from Ross. Dani explains Tea's will and Todd and Blair's thoughts on it being fake. Nate wonders which dad she wants to be with. At one time, Dani wanted Ross to take her away and admits, "I'm not sure I want that anymore." Dani has just gotten to know Todd and says, "I got to know the real him. Not the guy I thought he was." She talks about her new family in Llanview. As much as Dani loves Ross, she can't give everything up for him, including Nate. Dani kisses Nate. She wishes she could be a daughter to both her fathers.

Over at John's, Natalie informs him that Eli's DNA is in. Now they just need the DNA from the body in Tahiti. John tells Natalie they have a problem. The body in Tahiti is missing. John hands her the ring that was found on the burnt body. He got it from Blair. If the DNA found on the ring isn't Eli's then Eli isn't dead. Natalie and John leave for the lab. Soon after, John brings Natalie back home to change her heels. She starts yawning. John insists that Natalie stay there and rest. He'll go oversee the DNA testing. John gets a call. The DNA didn't match Eli's. "That means Eli's alive," Natalie says.

Later, as Todd, Blair and Dani privately wish for Tea to come back to them, Greg enters a hospital room and checks Tea's vitals! She's alive!

James joins Ford at Llanview U. Ford admits he and Langston are back together. Now Ford knows anything is possible. Ford confesses that he really cares about Langston. He wants to make things right this time. Students, including Starr and Langston, start rolling in and class begins. Suddenly, Dean Mackenzie appears and asks to speak to Ford in private.

Out in the hallway, Ford denies being involved with Langston. The dean hands over photos of him and Langston kissing and says, "They were taken just last night." The dean admits they were left outside her office and asks if Ford is aware of the school's policy. He is. She has to let him go and says, "I had high hopes for you." She instructs Ford to go pack up his office then heads into the classroom.

Inside, Dean Mackenzie explains to the class that Ford will no longer be their teacher. She looks at Langston and admits he was let go for inappropriate behavior with a student. After class, Starr rants to Langston about Ford fooling around again. Langston rushes off. James admits to Starr that Langston knew about Ford's mystery student. It was Langston!

Langston meets Ford in the park. He explains that someone took pictures of them and gave them to the dean. He wonders who hates him that much. "Me," Langston admits.

Next on One Life to Live:

Natalie and John are suspicious of Ross.

Langston's actions hurt Ford.

Starr gives James encouragement.

Dani and Destiny sneak into the courtroom during the revealing of Tea's will.
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