Langston finds Kelly in Dorian's bedroom and complains about Ford. She's shocked that Kelly knew about Ford and Jessica. Langston admits that Ford is teaching her class. She has no idea how to deal with her feelings for Ford. Kelly suggests, "Don't get mad, get even."

Ford is complaining to James about Langston at Rodi's. James assures him there are other fish in the sea. Cole and Starr arrive. James looks at them and Ford sarcastically reminds him that there are other girls out there. At their separate tables Starr tells Cole about Ford and Jessica, and Ford fills James in as well. Cole doesn't appear to be bothered about Starr and James attending college together. She wonders what changed. "I decided to trust in our love," Cole lies. Over at their table, Ford gets a call from Langston and agrees to meet her. Once he leaves, Starr gets a text about Ford teaching her class. She wonders how Langston is going to deal with it. Starr takes her cell and heads outside to check in on Hope. At the bar Rex informs Gigi that he's working on a new case for Kelly. "How many dead mothers does she have?" Gigi asks. Rex explains the case but Gigi's filled with jealousy. Rex tries to reassure Gigi then leaves to follow a lead. Gigi joins James and asks if he got the grant he applied for. Since Ford is family, James gets a free ride. After Gigi walks away, Cole approaches James and accuses him of not backing off Starr like he asked. Starr appears and angrily wonders what Cole did. James covers and claims that Cole just wanted him to know how much he loves her. Starr forgives Cole with a kiss. James watches.

Langston arrives at Ford's apartment and takes him into a kiss. She's been thinking and has agreed to give him another chance. Ford wants that too. Langston's happy he's not teaching her class. They can get back on track. Ford breaks the news that he took back his duties. He's going to be her professor but suggests they keep their relationship quiet. Langston agrees and brushes Ford off when he asks her to stay. She asks him again if he's sure him being her teacher isn't going to be a problem. Ford promises then accepts one more hot kiss before Langston leaves. Once Ford closes the door, Langston takes the camcorder out of hiding and watches the recording of her and Ford kissing!

Ross tries to leave the Manning Estate with Dani. Todd pushes him against the wall and warns, "You're not leaving here with my daughter!" John pulls Todd off Ross then looks at Tea's will. John explains that Ross can't take Dani. Not until Tea's will is probated. As John leaves, he privately orders an officer to tail Ross. Dani screams for Blair, Todd and Ross to stop arguing. Dani can't leave with Ross, not now. Ross understands and agrees to accept Blair's invite to Tea's memorial. However, Ross makes it clear that Dani is to say her goodbyes to her friends and family. They'll be heading back to Tahiti after the memorial. Ross leaves, with a cop trailing after him. Dani heads to her room while Blair tells Todd they need to get the best lawyer they can find. "Okay," Blair backtracks. "The second best lawyer." Dani listens from the stairs as Todd vows, "I'm not going to lose my daughter."

Jessica and Brody run into Natalie outside of John's room. Jessica assures her sister that Brody told her everything. She's okay with it. Natalie's confused until Brody explains that she helped him realize that his love for Jessica is all that matters. Jessica shows Natalie her ring and gushes that she's the best sister ever to be there for Brody! After Jessica leaves, Natalie thanks Brody for not telling Jessica the truth. Just as Natalie hugs Brody, John appears. Natalie fills John in on Brody's engagement. Brody thanks them for their congratulations then takes off to join Jessica.

As they enter his room, John tells Natalie about what happened at Todd's. He credits the mess to Tea lying about who Dani's real father was. Natalie tells John about the DNA findings in Eli's room. Now they just have to wait to see if it matches the body in Tahiti. There's nothing they can do about it tonight. John moves in close. He and Natalie make love.

In Brody's room, Jessica takes a call from Kelly. She talks about how incredible Brody is being and admits she's not sure she could be so understanding if the shoe was on the other foot. Brody arrives. Jessica expresses how happy she is and assures Brody it's safe for them to get a bit more comfortable. Jessica and Brody make love.

Rex goes to the mansion and heads upstairs looking for Kelly. When he calls out to her, Kelly turns around quickly and loses her towel! Rex apologizes and says that Jack sent him upstairs. Once Kelly's dressed, Rex explains his suspicions that Clint may know where David is. Kelly gives Rex the go-ahead to investigate Clint. Kelly assures Rex she'll try to get him access into B.E. after hours.

Next on One Life to Live:

News from Tahiti about Eli reaches John and Natalie.

Dani confides in Nate.

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