Still at Rodi's, Kelly explains that David is somewhere in Europe. She wants Rex to find him so Dorian can get payback. She admits Dorian's reaction to Bo and Nora really scared her, given the mental health issues in her family. Rex thinks Kelly's crazy for wanting to pay so much money just for revenge but accepts her job offer.

Blair enters Dorian's bedroom. Dorian hides under the covers with her laptop, which is on David's MyFace page. Blair gets Dorian to admit what happened with Bo and Nora. Blair talks about Tea's death and what went down with Eli and begs Dorian to help her plan a memorial reception for after Tea's service… for Dani's sake. After Blair leaves, Kelly returns and apologizes for pushing Dorian to go to the meeting. Dorian wants nothing more than to tell David off. "Maybe you could," Kelly replies and suggests Dorian pretend she's David. Dorian doesn't want to role-play. She only wants to deck David. "Do it," Kelly screams. "Slug me!" Holding a pillow as a shield, Kelly starts taunting Dorian by acting like David. Dorian punches her! Dorian quickly apologizes but admits she feels better. Dorian hates that she'll never get to tell David how much she hates him. "You never know," Kelly replies.

Over at The Palace, Bo becomes angry when Nora accepts Clint's invitation for him and Nora to join Clint and Inez for dessert. Just as Bo reluctantly agrees, Inez disappoints Clint by saying, "I have to go." She needs to get home to Nate. After Inez leaves, Clint blames Bo for scaring off his date! Bo assures Clint that Inez can make her own decisions. Rex appears and wonders if they know where David can be found. Kelly hired him to find David. No one knows where David is, which leads Rex to leave. Clint follows and asks Rex, "Don't you think everyone will be better off if Vickers stays gone?" Rex calls Clint out about not liking David. Back at their table, Bo rants about Clint sticking them with the bill. He sees how much Clint spent on wine for Inez and thinks Clint's trying to get back at them.

Ross hands over Tea's will to Todd at the Manning Estate. Dani wonders if Tea really wanted her to be with Ross who admits he's surprised too. Todd claims the will is a fake and demands that Ross get away from Dani and out of his house! Dani begs Ross, "Is this really what my mother wanted for me?" Todd thinks this is part of Eli and Ross' scheme. Todd calls Blair and says, "Get over here now." When Blair arrives, she's shocked to see Ross and Tea's will. Blair remembers Eli handling Tea's wishes and admits she didn't read the will. She vows to keep her promise to Tea and orders, "Call the cops, Todd." Dani begs Todd not to send Ross to jail.

Renee lets John and Natalie into Eli's room. As they collect DNA evidence, John informs Natalie she isn't going to Tahiti with him. John doesn't want anything to happen to Natalie or the baby. Natalie agrees to stay home and understands he doesn't want to lose another child. Suddenly John gets a call from Todd who says, "You were right about Ross Rayburn. Get over here now!" John leaves and Renee returns to give Natalie her congratulations. Natalie meant a lot to Asa. Over talk of Eli, Natalie admits she didn't find what she was looking for. Renee remembers still having closed envelopes of tips Eli left for her. Natalie asks if she can have them. After Renee brings them to Natalie, Natalie imagines Eli licking the envelopes. She's finally got her DNA evidence!

Back at the Manning Estate, Dani pleads with Ross to run. Ross wants to face the music and promises never to turn his back on Dani again. John appears and has Ross arrested. Todd hands over Tea's will, as John calls the Seattle PD to report that they caught their fugitive. Blair promises Dani she can always count on her and Todd. John hangs up and informs everyone that the charges have been dropped. Ross isn't wanted anymore. John's forced to let Ross go.

At Kitts Hospice, Eli confesses to Greg that he worked it so Ross could get custody of Dani. He knows Todd will pay dearly for his daughter. "Tea had no idea she signed custody of Dani over to Ross," Eli admits. Greg can't believe he and Ross plan to sell Dani back to Todd. This isn't what Tea wanted! Eli reminds Greg what he did to Tea. "Tea's in…" Greg stops himself. "Tea's what?" Eli pushes. Greg reiterates that Tea isn't an issue anymore. Eli offers to allow Greg to walk away from everything if he fixes him up. Greg wonders how Ross, being a wanted man, is going to take Dani away. Eli's taken care of it. Greg goes to head back to Llanview but Eli warns him, "You better not be playing me," before he goes.

Next on One Life to Live:

Natalie informs John of her DNA findings.

Langston gives Ford a chance to prove he's changed.

James reassures Cole.

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