Ross enters the Manning Estate and Dani runs into his arms. "Daddy's here," Ross says from over her shoulder, glaring at Todd. Ross apologizes that Dani had to go through Tea's death alone. "She wasn't alone," Todd interjects then leaves a message for Bo reporting Ross' presence! Dani begs Todd to hang up as the station puts him on hold. Todd reluctantly gives in and accuses Ross of being in cahoots with Eli. Ross denies it and assures Dani that he was tricked too. Todd warns Ross to get out of his house. "I'm not going anywhere without my daughter," Ross replies. Dani begs them to stop fighting over her and looks worried when Ross admits the law is on his side. "Tea put it there," Ross reveals. "I have her will." Ross hands Todd Tea's will and tells Dani that her mother named him her legal guardian. Not Todd!

Eli stops Greg from leaving Kitts Hospice. Reluctantly Greg examines Eli and puts him through a few tests. Greg shows Eli his x-rays. He has blood on his brain and could die from the pressure. Eli demands that Greg fix him. He needs to get on a plane and finish his business. Eli wonders if Greg is lying just to keep him from returning to Llanview. Greg denies it. Eli urges Greg to get to work on fixing him. He wants to get to Llanview to collect… Ross is about to come into something huge.

In her bed, Dorian reads David's MyFace status about how he's found new ways to use whipped cream. Kelly appears and reminds Dorian of her meeting with Bo and Nora. Dorian isn't ready to face the scrutiny. Kelly can relate to Dorian's feelings but warns how easy it is to lose yourself to them forever.

While Bo and Nora wait for Dorian at The Palace, Inez appears and says, "Sorry I'm late." Bo's confused. Just as Inez explains the note left on her desk to meet Mr. Buchanan there, Clint appears and admits he left it. Clint steals Inez away. Nora notices Bo's preoccupation with them. She wonders why Bo has such an issue with Clint and Inez sharing dinner. Bo thinks Clint's targeting Inez because she's his assistant. Dorian and Kelly arrive. Dorian takes a seat and gets right down to the station's budget meeting. She starts hallucinating that Bo and Nora are trash talking her. Dorian stands up and throws a glass of water on them! Kelly is forced to drag Dorian out of the restaurant. At their table, Inez is worried about there being a conflict of interest since she works for Clint's brother. Clint assures Inez that he and Bo have been through worse and have maintained their relationship. Later, Clint and Inez rejoin Bo and Nora. Clint wonders what they did to Dorian and makes a comment about David always being trash! Clint turns his attention to his phone. Bo's shocked to hear that Clint has a MyFace!

Kelly brings Dorian back home and apologizes that she got banned from The Palace. Dorian begs Kelly to leave. She wants to be alone. Kelly does as she's asked. Dorian gets out her laptop and looks at David's latest MyFace status.

Rex joins Gigi at Rodi's and wonders how her first day of class went. Gigi rants about how hard it was. Rex tries to reassure her but Gigi wants to drop out. "It's just the first day," Rex replies and urges Gigi to be an example for Shane. "I know you can do this." Gigi agrees to look into some better classes. Across the room, Layla explains that she wants a big wedding. They should wait until their year apart is up before marrying. Cris worries about being apart for so long. "If we really want it to work out it will," Layla says. Cris agrees to do whatever it takes to make it work and says, "Promise you won't say goodbye." Layla only promises one year. Cris and Layla join Rex and Gigi at the bar. They all share a toast to Cris and Layla's news. When Rex toasts to Gigi's college, she agrees to sign up for Cris' art class. Gigi wonders what to toast to Rex. He suggests his next new case. Gigi follows Cris and Layla out to go sign up for her class. Kelly arrives and offers to pay Rex very well in order to find David.

Next on One Life to Live:

Natalie and John hunt down DNA evidence.

John gets his hands on Ross.

Dorian lashes out at Kelly.

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