Inside Tea's old room at Kitts Hospice Greg is shocked to see Eli. "You were expecting someone else?" Eli asks and pats the bed. "This is where Tea took her last breath. Too bad she couldn't come back from the dead." Eli gets out of bed and demands that Greg help him. He admits Ross helped him fake his death. Eli reminds Greg of what family does for each other and says, "Look what you're doing for yours." Greg pushes for answers. Eli explains how he let Blair find his gun, which was loaded with blanks. "You were assuming she would shoot you?" Greg asks. Eli confirms Greg's theory and is glad John McBain doesn't realize the truth. He admits he intentionally started the fire and Ross helped to pull him from the collapsing roof. Ross then planted another body in Eli's place. Greg wonders why he returned to where Tea died. "That's where you come in," Eli replies and threatens Greg with Ross' possible presence in Llanview. "Who's to say he isn't circling your family right now." Greg tries to stand tall against his threats but Eli stops him from leaving by saying, "Not so fast."

Natalie finds John at the Llanview PD's shooting range. She brushes off questions about Jessica and asks if John received Eli's DNA results. She thinks Eli's dead but John wants proof. They talk over the course of events leading up to the fire in Tahiti. Natalie wonders if John thinks Ross helped Eli. "A lot of things don't make sense," John admits. As they go over the events from Blair's statement Natalie tunes in to John's suspicion… That Eli's gun was loaded with blanks. The bullet they recovered from the charred body wasn't Eli's. Natalie realizes with Ross' help Eli could've faked his own death and asks, "How do we prove it?" John doesn't know but needs to be prepared for the possibly. Natalie wonders who Eli will hurt next.

Still at the Manning Estate someone watches as Todd admits to Dani that he lied about Ross. Todd doesn't want Dani reaching out to Ross for fear of losing her. Dani assures Todd that he's not going to lose her. Dani admits she was lying too and shows Todd the text message. She shares the water game she and Ross used to play where he'd say, "I'm coming for you." Dani stops Todd from calling the police and says, "You're not turning in my father." Todd reminds her that Ross isn't her dad. Dani loved him like a father for years and says, "That doesn't just go away because I found you." Todd wishes he'd been there when Dani was little. Dani assures Todd she thinks of him as her father. "How come you never call me dad then?" Todd asks. Dani wants to try out the word and says, "Dad." However, she's not talking about Todd… Todd turns around and sees Ross enter the foyer!

In Brody's room at the Angels Square Hotel Jessica and Brody apologize to each other. Brody admits he talked to Natalie. She helped him see the light. As Jessica explains the night she was with Ford, Brody thinks back to being with Natalie and asks, "How do we make it right?" Jessica offers Brody a way out but he takes out a ring and proposes again! In tears Jessica cries, "I'm sorry. I can't." Jessica wants to marry Brody but they can't forget the baby she's carrying could be Ford's. "Can you love this baby if it turns out not to be yours?" Jessica asks. Brody vows to love the baby just like he loves Bree and says, "As tough as it gets the love we have for each other will see us through." Brody gets down on one knee and asks Jessica to have faith. She agrees to marry him!

At Rodi's, Destiny tells Shaun that Greg won't be joining them for dinner. He left town. Vivian, Darren and Shaun listen as Destiny explains Greg's guilt over Tea. Shaun agrees Greg hasn't been the same since going to Kitts Hospice with Tea. Later, Shaun chokes on his food as Vivian asks Destiny and Darren, "Are you two practicing safe sex?" After the initial shock Shaun warns Darren that the only sex he'll be having with Destiny is no sex! Destiny warns Shaun it's none of his business if they're having sex. Darren makes a getaway to the jukebox. Vivian invites Destiny to come to her if the time comes where she and Darren take that next step. Darren rejoins them. Shaun's uncomfortable as the kids talk about waiting until the time is right. Later, Destiny and Darren admit neither is ready for sex. Shaun is stunned when Vivian privately explains that his mother asked her to talk to Destiny!

Layla approaches Cris at Llanview U just as he's turning down the art grant. The administrator gives them some time to talk. Layla refuses to allow Cris to give up his career just so she can have hers. Layla is willing to stay in Llanview since the job offer in Paris is now or never. Cris offers to paint in Paris but Layla reminds him of this opportunity in Llanview. Layla suggests they each take their opportunities in order to prevent any regrets. They agree it could work. Cris wants to get married as soon as possible but Layla replies, "I don't think we should get married."

Next on One Life to Live:

Cris finally agrees to a long distance relationship with Layla.

Kelly wants to hire Rex to help Dorian.

Todd demands answers from Ross about Eli's scheme.

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