Dani returns to Llanview High. She tells Nate about Tea's ashes arriving and how lost Todd is. She shows Nate the mysterious text. Dani thinks Ross is reaching out to her. Nate thinks the text appears threatening. Dani talks about a water game she used to play with Ross where he would say, "I'm coming for you." She admits she lied to Todd about the text and says, "But I think he might have lied to me first." Dani can't believe what Todd said, that Ross was involved in Eli's crimes. However, she can't deny how much Todd's been there for her and her mom. Nate wonders what will happen if Ross shows up. Will Dani have to choose between him and Todd? She used to hate Todd but admits how awful she felt lying to him. Dani couldn't imagine having to choose between two dads.

Greg rushes to Destiny, who's at her locker. She wonders what has him so shaken. "I just wanted to make sure you're okay," Greg explains. "Why wouldn't I be?" she wonders. Greg chalks it up to the violence hitting most schools nowadays. Destiny thinks Greg's overprotection stems from Tea's death… He fears something will happen to his family. Destiny suggests they go to dinner. Greg needs to go out of town, hugs Destiny and says, "Be careful and never forget that I love you."

Later, Greg arrives in Tea's old room at Kitts Hospice. "You're alive," he gasps at an unseen person.

Kelly visits Todd who makes a crack about Tea being in the living room. Kelly knows he's grieving but brings up The Sun. Kelly's stunned to find out Todd knew Ross was alive. Todd instructs Kelly to run a story about Eli and Ross being in cahoots. When Todd warns her against asking John for a quote, Kelly asks, "What're you up to?" Todd admits he let Dani think that Ross could've been involved with Eli's scheme. He refuses to lose his daughter! Kelly suggests Todd trust what he's built with Dani and urges him to tell Dani the truth. When their conversation turns lighter, Kelly brings up their kiss. She knows he kissed her as a way to deter her from finding out about Tea. Kelly wants to move on without any tension and continue their friendship. Todd gives her permission to run a tribute story on Tea. After Kelly leaves, Dani appears. Todd admits he lied about Ross. "So did I," Dani replies, as someone watches them from the shadows.

At the hospital Natalie listens as Brody rants about Jessica's baby possibly not being his. "I made a mistake with you," Brody says. "And now the life I've created with Jessica has been taken away." Brody feels guilty since Jessica told the truth and he and Natalie are still lying. He wants to tell Jessica the truth. It isn't fair that Jessica is feeling guilty when he did the same thing. Natalie pleads with him to think of what's best for everyone involved but finally agrees. If he has to tell Jessica, so be it. She asks that he tell her immediately if he decides to reveal their secret but reminds Brody that they can all still have the lives they planned.

Cole arrives at James' apartment and asks him to stay away from Starr. Cole gives James a glimpse into his history with Starr and vows that they'll get through their problems. With a warning in his tone, Cole asks James to leave Starr alone and stop complicating things for them. James admits he's backed away from Starr romantically but wonders if Cole is forbidding him to be her friend. Cole doesn't have a problem with them being friends but he knows James wants more. Cole grabs the bullet necklace James wears. He thinks it's a reminder of James' adventure with Starr. James clarifies that it's to remind him that life is too short. He suggests Cole quit worrying about him and concentrate on Starr. Before he loses her! James only wants Starr to be happy. If Cole makes her happy, great. If not… James warns Cole not to screw up his chance!

Over at Llanview U Ford confirms to Jessica that Brody caused his injuries. Ford makes it clear if the baby is his he doesn't want it. "Well if it's yours…" Jessica says. "Brody might not want it either." Ford blames Jessica for Langston walking out on him. Jessica accuses Ford of taking advantage of her but finally admits they're both guilty. "The only person who didn't do anything wrong is Brody," Jessica says. Ford assures Jessica that Brody loves her and urges her not to give up on him.

Outside Starr leaves a message for Cole to call her. Langston appears. Talk of Ford comes up and Langston admits what he did to Jessica. Starr is shocked that Ford could be the father of Jessica's baby. Langston wants nothing more to do with Ford and asks Starr about Cole. Starr admits James is coming between them. Langston suggests that Starr and Cole think back to how it felt when they first fell in love. Maybe it'll bring everything into perspective. Later, Cole appears and asks Starr to go for coffee. She agrees, takes his hand and leaves. Langston looks at her schedule and scratches out Ford's name.

Ford arrives home and tells James that he's changed his mind. He's going to teach the class now that there's no longer a conflict of interest.

Just as Brody leaves Jessica a message, she arrives at his room at the Angels Square Hotel.

Next on One Life to Live:

John is filled with suspicions regarding Eli.

Cris wants to get married ASAP.

Jessica wonders if Brody still wants to marry her.

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