Brody attacks Ford at Llanview U. Langston screams for Brody to stop then calls for security. A guard pulls Brody off Ford and threatens to call the cops. Brody throws his badge at him and tells Langston Ford had sex with Jessica on prom night. "I made a mistake," Ford screams at Brody. "Haven't you ever made a mistake?" Langston is sickened by Ford's actions. Brody threatens to haul Ford in on statutory rape charges. Ford assures Brody the sex was consensual. Langston realizes that Ford could be the father of Jessica's baby. Brody grabs Ford's face. Ford apologizes and assures Brody he and Jessica are going to be happy with their baby. Brody admits the only reason he's not killing Ford is because of Jessica then leaves. Ford pleads his case to Langston who accuses him of punishing the entire female race because his mommy walked out on him. She walks out on Ford.

Back at Llanview Hospital John stares at the baby's sonogram picture and says, "It's our kid." John can't wait to meet the baby and wonders if he or she will be like their mom or dad. Natalie reminds John of life's uncertainties and says, "The only thing I want is for this baby to be just like you." On their way out John and Natalie find Jessica crying. John heads to work. Jessica admits to Natalie, "Brody may not be the father of my baby." Jessica rambles on about Ford and how she couldn't lie to Brody any longer. Natalie tries to assure Jessica who says, "What do you think John would do if he found out you could be carrying someone else's baby?" Natalie urges Jessica to have faith then says, "I'm really sorry." Jessica doesn't blame Natalie for her mess then leaves to find Brody. When Brody returns Natalie admits Jessica told him about Ford. "That baby was supposed to be mine!" Brody screams.

Jessica goes to Llanview U and sees Ford's beaten face. Ford confirms that she just missed Brody.

In Marty's office Greg makes sure what he tells her will stay between them then admits, "I did something terrible to Tea Delgado." Greg explains how Tea changed her mind and wanted Todd and Dani with her. He admits someone else didn't want that to happen. Greg couldn't tell Todd the truth and says, "I was only doing what I was told." Marty pushes for answers but Greg refuses to say anything more. People he loves will get hurt. Greg knows Marty's legally bound to report anything illegal. Marty only has to report if someone's planning or knows someone who's planning a murder. Greg gets a text that reads, "Don't say another word," then leaves. On his way out Greg gets a call and becomes visibly shaken!

At Llanview High Nate kisses Dani and urges her to call him if she needs anything. Matthew sees them. Later Matthew and Nate come face to face during basketball tryouts. "I'm going to make you regret putting your name on that signup sheet," Matthew says. The guys get rough during a scrimmage game. Darren and Destiny watch and argue over their different opinions on the Matthew/Dani/Nate triangle.

Todd places the urn on his table and asks, "Is this really you? Is this all we get to remember you by?" Dani arrives home and takes a seat next to her father. Todd fills Dani in on what Greg said. Tea wanted them there when she died. "Then why weren't we there?" Dani screams. "Why did she have to die alone?" Todd relays Greg's excuse. John arrives with condolences and a warning. "Ross Rayburn," John tells Todd privately. "Dani's going to be hearing from him soon if she hasn't already." Dani listens from around the corner as Todd asks John if he thinks Eli and Ross teamed up. John doesn't have any evidence to support that. Todd promises to let John know if he hears from Ross. Todd goes to Dani and asks her to be careful where Ross is concerned. Just as Dani suggests they spread Tea's ashes in Tahiti Dani gets a text that reads, "I'm coming for you." Todd wonders what's wrong and asks Dani who the text is from. Dani claims it's from Nate.

Inez brings Bo lunch in his office as a peace offering for the issues she's created between him and Matthew. Bo insists that Matthew understands why he hired her. Clint appears. Bo's surprised that they know each other and watches as Clint takes interest in a photo of Inez's sons. Once alone Bo makes it clear that he's not happy about Clint offering Matthew a job. Clint claims it was his way of making amends and wonders if Bo's unhappy due to his past B.E. issues with Asa. Bo warns if the job interferes with school he'll pull Matthew out of B.E. Clint agrees then convinces Inez to go to dinner with him on his way out. John arrives and asks if Bo's heard anything from Tahiti. Bo hasn't. John admits there's something more to be found about Ross and Eli's connection. Bo wonders if John thinks Eli's still alive. "I think we need those DNA results now," John replies.

Clint arrives at Llanview High. "Did Dani tell you she wanted me to have sex with her," Matthew taunts Nate. Nate shoves Matthew. When Matthew plays innocent to Nate's attack Nate is benched. Clint smirks then later tells Matthew he definitely has the killer instincts he's looking for.

Next on One Life to Live:

Todd tells Dani he lied to her about Ross.

Greg is shocked at what he finds at Kitts Hospice.

Cole wants James to leave Starr alone.

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