At the Manning Estate Greg begins to explain something about Tea until he gets a text reading, "Don't say another word." Todd lashes out at Greg for not allowing him and Dani to be with Tea. "She changed her mind and wanted you and Dani to be there," Greg admits. Todd shoves him and demands to know what Tea said. Greg credits it as a moment of clarity. "Why didn't you call me?" Todd screams. Greg did but Todd and Dani had already left for Kitts Hospice. "But it was too late," Greg says. Todd kicks Greg out!

Still in his room at the Angels Square Hotel Natalie tells John, "It's about the baby and Brody." Just as John wonders what Brody has to do with their baby Marty arrives. John hugs her and fills Marty in on Eli. John apologizes for not bringing him back alive and says, "I wanted him to pay for what he did to you." John blames himself for the loss of their baby. Eli pushed Marty to get John off his trail. Marty looks at Natalie and reminds John that he has a very good reason to move on. Marty wishes them the best then leaves. "What was it you wanted to tell me? John asks Natalie. She brings up running into Brody and says there was a scare with his and Jessica's baby. John promises if anything comes up with their child they'll deal with it. He holds her close and vows that nothing will ruin their happiness. Natalie isn't so optimistic and doesn't want John to lose another baby. John convinces Natalie to lock her fears away and let him do the worrying.

Over in the exam room at Llanview Hospital Brody asks, "How can this baby not be mine?" Jessica admits she slept with someone else. "It was Ford, wasn't it?" Brody demands. Jessica admits it and explains that she doesn't remember. Ford finally came clean after Kelly trapped him into it. Brody hears Ford didn't use protection and listens as Jessica cries about not wanting to continue lying to him. She fears he'll no longer want anything to do with her or the baby. Jessica loves him and still wants to marry Brody whether the baby is Ford's or not. "In my mind this is your baby," Jessica cries. "We love you if you still want us." Brody storms off!

Natalie and John arrive and are led into an exam room. After their sonogram John and Natalie decide to let the sex of their baby be a surprise. "I'm the luckiest guy on the face of the earth," John says.

Todd enters Marty's office. He needs to do something and can't do it without Marty's help. He wants to know how she got over Patrick and asks, "Tell me what I need to do!" Marty urges Todd to be there for Dani where he'll see Tea live on. She offers to set him up with one of her colleagues but Todd walks out. Soon after, Greg appears. He needs Marty's help from a doctor/patient point of view.

Later a package from St. Kitts arrives at the Manning Estate. Todd takes out Tea's ashes and thinks about wanting to be with Tea forever. Todd hugs the urn.

Langston is having trouble finding a class at Llanview U. Ford appears, offers to show Langston the way and says, "I hope you brought me a shiny red apple." Langston only brought him the university's fraternization rules! She stomps off.

James approaches Starr in a classroom. She shares Tea's death with him and admits things with Cole aren't any better. Cole appears. He wanted to wish Starr luck. After James and Cole trade barbs Starr agrees to go talk to Cole. James promises to cover for her in class. After they leave Langston arrives. James and Langston are stunned to hear that their class has been canceled for the day. Mr. Ford will no longer be teaching due to a conflict of interest!

Out in the hall Cole and Starr argue over Cole keeping Eli's identity from her. Cole lied to Starr for her own good and claims he'd do it again. "You're starting to sound exactly like my father," Starr replies. Cole resents the comment and tries reasoning with Starr. He begs her to put everything aside and move forward. Starr wants things to be back to normal too. He makes a crack about her going back to class with James then promises to get better at dealing with the issue.

Langston finds Ford by a vending machine and demands to know why he dropped the class. He shows her the fraternization policy. If he's not her teacher they can be together. Langston wants nothing to do with him. Ford vows to get her back and even offers to go to therapy! He shows Langston his appointment card with Marty. He thinks those who've said he has issues might be on to something. Ford wants to fix his issues for Langston. Suddenly, Brody appears and punches Ford to the floor!

Starr returns to the classroom and finds James waiting for her. She admits her and Cole's talk only seemed to create more issues. James hates to admit it but he knows she's not ready to give up on Cole. James urges Starr not to give up on Cole and Cole catches them during the close moment!

Next on One Life to Live:

Brody accuses Ford of using Jessica.

Greg takes a mysterious call.

Dani is alerted to a strange text message.

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