At Capricorn, Nash tells Antonio that he's supposed to meet Jessica there to talk about Bree. Nash goes on to ask why Jessica is so fixated on setting him up on a date! Antonio laughs and says that Nash needs someone to love.

Jessica goes to Layla's and tells her to get ready because they're going out. When asked what's going on, Jessica admits that she has a friend she wants Layla to meet. Antonio calls and Jessica tells him that they're on their way and to make sure that Nash doesn't leave!

Just as Nash goes to leave, Jessica walks in and it's clear that she's trying to set Nash up with Layla. They all decide to get a table and spend the evening together. Nash doesn't put forth any effort and bickers with Layla on everything they talk about! When Layla goes to the ladies room, Jessica asks him to give Layla a chance. Nash goes to the bar

When Jessica asks Antonio if she blew it with Nash and Layla, Antonio nods toward them.

Nash and Layla meet up at the bar and they begin to have a pleasant conversation about their lives. Nash and Layla decide to play a trick on Jessica. They act as through they're having a blast as Jessica watches on with a glint of jealousy in her eye!

When Layla and Nash join Jessica at the table, Antonio has to go back to work. Layla and Nash leave Jessica alone and go off to the dance floor!

At the hospital, Blair daydreams of getting the news that Spencer is the father of her baby! Dorian comes in and pulls Blair out of her nightmare. Blair expresses how worried she is about the DNA results. Just then, the doctor comes in and tells Blair that Todd is the father of her baby and that the baby is healthy!

Although Todd has a gun to Spencer's chest, he refuses to tell Todd where his son is. Todd tells Spencer he's going home to his family and that Spencer can die for all he cares. Just as Todd reaches the door, Spencer says, "All right, I'll tell you where your kid is." Spencer asks Todd for some reassurance that he's not going to kill him after he tells Todd where he son is He tells Todd to have Blair come to the warehouse because Blair won't let Todd kill him!

Todd's phone rings and it's Blair saying that she needs to see him. Behind Todd's back, Spencer quietly breaks free from the tape and smashes Todd over the head with a chair! Blair tells Todd she's pregnant, but Todd doesn't hear her Spencer picks up and says that Todd can't come to the phone right now! As Spencer kicks Todd, he demands that Blair get some cash together and meet him at the warehouse Alone!

At Rodie's Starr points to Marty and tells Langston that she's the reason that Spencer got off for murder. Although Langston tries to get Starr to leave, for fear of running into Cole, Starr refuses. Langston goes on to bash Cole as Starr screams for her to stop. Suddenly, Cole is standing behind Starr. Langston leaves

Starr apologizes to Cole for the things Langston said, but Cole says Langston was just looking out for her. Cole says Starr's parents will never forget about what he did to her and that he's going to leave her alone. Starr stops him and says, "What about what I want?" Starr tells Cole that she forgives him and asks that he forgive himself.

Nora joins Marty's table and asks if she thinks she made a mistake by testifying on Spencer's behalf. Marty says she stands by her statement about Spencer. Nora goes on to ask why Marty came back to Llanview to take this case. While Marty claims she's trying to move on, Nora suggests that Marty needs to be honest about why she came back to Llanview. Nora implies that maybe Marty is trying to get back at Todd. The two old friends talk it through and Marty thanks Nora for caring about her. Nora leaves

When Cole leans down and kisses Starr, Marty approaches and tells them it's not a good idea that they are together. Starr accuses Marty of being out to get her dad!

Spencer goes up to the roof and Todd follows him! As they struggle, Spencer taunts Todd by saying that he killed Todd's son! Blair bursts through the door and goes to try to help Todd. In the heat of the moment, Spencer grabs Blair and they both fall over the edge of the roof!!! Todd looks down and screams, "Blair!"

Next on One Life to Live: Todd's plan backfires in the most devastating way, Vincent's home becomes the scene of an arson and Michael delivers devastating news to Todd