At the hospital Dr. Wright takes Jessica aside and warns her about Brody's curiosity. Vivian urges Jessica to relax then shows Brody into the exam room. Vivian starts the sonogram as Brody says, "I'm really glad the Rh thing isn't a factor." They see the baby on the monitor and Brody can't contain his happiness. He thanks Jessica for helping him create this new life. After Vivian leaves them with a photo of their baby Brody continues gushing about seeing his child. "Our baby," Brody says. "No one could ever take him away from me." "I can't do this anymore," Jessica cries."You're going to hate me. This baby… there's a chance it might not be yours."

Outside of the diner Greg leaves another heated message for Eli. Destiny appears and wonders who he was talking to. Greg claims it was business then leads Destiny inside. When she sees Cris and Layla, who are talking about their job offers, Destiny approaches them with news of Tea's death. Greg joins them and says he did everything he could for Tea. He's shocked to hear Layla talk about another death, Eli's! Greg makes an excuse and rushes off. Cris and Layla continue their conversation about not wanting to be separated. Destiny butts in and talks about a romantic book she's reading. Cris assures Layla that their love will make everything work out.

John brings Blair home to the mansion. After Blair heads to her room John fills Kelly in on what happened in Tahiti. "We wouldn't have caught him without you," John says then leaves Kelly to finally move on with her life. Later Blair rejoins Kelly and challenges her to say, "I told you so." Kelly doesn't feel that way and accepts Blair's thanks. Blair admits Eli confessed to killing Kelly's mother. Blair apologizes for bringing Eli into their family. Kelly assures Blair that she's a victim too. This isn't Blair's fault. Blair wants to go see Dani. Kelly is forced to tell Blair about Tea's death. "No, not yet," Blair sobs as Kelly holds her close. After Blair leaves Kelly goes to her mother's urn.

Jack goes to the Manning Estate, takes Dani in a hug and says, "I'm sorry about your mom." Jack assures Dani and Todd that he really cared about Tea unlike his mother's new choice, Eli. Todd informs them of Eli's death in Tahiti. "That's where my dad lives," Dani says. "I'm your dad," Todd reminds. Todd is forced to reveal all of Eli's crimes. Dani can't believe that she trusted a murderer and wonders, "What's the point… Why trust anyone who's going to leave you?" Dani rushes off and Jack urges Todd to go after her. Todd can't help her. Dani needs her mom. Blair arrives and hugs Jack who says, "I told you Eli was a psycho killer." Jack gets Dani and Blair immediately wraps her in her arms. Blair prepares to take Dani and Jack off to arrange Tea's memorial and tells Todd, "I'm really sorry." Dani wants Todd to come with them but he has to wait for Greg who's bringing him Tea's ashes. Later Greg arrives and tells Todd, "I need to tell you something about Tea."

Roxy lets Natalie into John's room at the Angels Square Hotel. Roxy talks about her visit with Schuyler. She blames herself for the way he turned out and wonders if things would've been different had he known she was his mother. Talk turns to Natalie and John's baby. Roxy makes a comment about John and Natalie being the perfect match to spawn a child. Natalie screams for her to shut up! Natalie quickly apologizes then tells Roxy she did something stupid the night Roxy urged her to wait for John. Suddenly John arrives eager to have the sonogram. Roxy warns John about Natalie's mood swings then leaves. Natalie asks after Blair. John admits she's in bad shape. Everything Blair knew about Eli was based on a lie. John talks about everything Eli did to stop the truth from coming out, which makes Natalie uncomfortable. "Are you okay?" John asks. She suggests they reschedule the sonogram since John just got home. He refuses. John wants to receive some good news for a change. John wonders what's wrong with Natalie who agrees there's something she should tell him.

Rex takes Gigi to the park and gives her a gift for college. A briefcase full of school supplies. Gigi kisses Rex. She's happy to have him in her corner. Gigi starts filling out the paperwork for the grant but doesn't know what to write about. Rex suggests she talk about what it took to raise Shane as a single mother. Rex gives Gigi some time and heads off for a swim.

Rex runs into Kelly on the bridge at the park. Holding Melinda's urn, Kelly talks about how much her mother loved the area. Kelly promised she'd bring her back. That's what she's doing there. Kelly talks to the urn and says, "Mom, this is Rex. He believed us." Rex gives Kelly some time alone. "Goodbye Mom," Kelly says. "I love you." Kelly empties Melinda's ashes into the water.

Next on One Life to Live:

Greg wants to tell Todd the truth.

Todd goes to Marty for help.

Brody threatens to kill Ford.

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