John calls Natalie from Tahiti to fill her in on Eli's death. Natalie asks about Blair. John looks at Blair and says, "She's not okay." He needs to stay there to identify the body and asks Natalie to reschedule her sonogram. He wants to be there for it. Natalie agrees then John hangs up and goes to Blair. She wonders how she could've been so blind. John holds her close. Word comes that Eli's body has been recovered. "Is he dead?" Blair asks. John wants to wait to see for himself. While they wait John admits he knows Eli pushed Marty down the stairs. The body bag is wheeled in and Blair insists on seeing Eli. When it's unzipped to reveal a charred face Blair turns into John's arms. The bullet retrieved from the body matches the bullet from the gun. John takes the evidence then watches Blair as she stares at a melted wedding photo, which was found on the deceased. "He can't hurt you anymore," John says. Blair thought she'd married someone who was so different from Todd and says, "He was worse than Todd could ever be." Blair can't believe she fell in love with the man who killed John's baby. When it's time to leave Blair takes her wedding ring off and throws the photo in the garbage.

Just as Dr. Wright instructs a nurse to put a note in Jessica's file about the Rh testing Brody appears at Llanview Memorial and denies that Jessica needs the test. Brody admits he was tested in the service. Dr. Wright agrees to make a note in Jessica's file then tries to leave. Brody stops her with questions about the baby contracting Hepatitis C. Vivian answers the best she can then leaves when Natalie appears. The nurse is happy to change Natalie's sonogram date and giggles about mistaking Brody for her baby's father before. "That was awkward," Brody whispers to Natalie who insists, "This baby is John's. Let this go, please." Brody promises to. For now. After Natalie and Brody leave Dr. Wright orders Jessica's Rh treatment.

At The Manning Estate Todd is furious that Blair isn't there for Dani. Starr blurts out, "Mom's lucky to be alive. Eli is a killer." Starr explains Eli's crimes, which Todd takes offense to having been blamed for. "Mom's in danger right now!" Starr screams. Blair calls and admits she was scared but is safe now. After Blair explains everything she asks after Dani. Starr tells Blair not to worry and says to hurry home. "You didn't tell her about Tea," Todd remarks after Starr hangs up. Starr couldn't. Blair was already a mess. Jessica answers the door to Kelly and privately talks about the Rh factor, which is what Chloe died from. She worries about Brody finding out that she plans to get the shot. Kelly suggests Jessica not let that happen. Talk turns to Eli, which leads Kelly to admit Rex saved her from having been caught in Eli's room. Kelly makes a comment about seeing Rex in his underwear but is stopped from elaborating when Todd and Starr appear. Kelly gives her condolences for Tea then hears about Eli. Todd instructs Kelly to go with "The Scum Is Dead" for a headline tomorrow. She agrees then leaves. Todd admits to Starr, "It's all my fault." Though he didn’t like Eli he didn't want to rain on Blair's parade. Todd told her to go for it and says, "She could've died because of me." Todd thinks about Tea and how he was too late to say goodbye. Even though Todd doesn't want a memorial Starr insists on having one. Brody arrives and privately asks Jessica why she felt the need to tell Dr. Wright to schedule the Rh testing. Jessica is stunned as Brody brings up Dr. Wright's vagueness to his questions. She credits the treatment to just being cautious. Later, Todd sadly stares at his and Tea's wedding photo.

Langston pulls away from Ford's kiss at Llanview U and asks, "What am I doing?" Ford agrees they shouldn't be seen together at college and suggests they go back to his place! Langston doesn't think he's changed and refuses to give him another chance. Ford pleads with Langston and opens up about his family. He wants to be a better man. Langston admits it sounds great but reminds Ford he recently jumped in the sac with someone who could've given him a STD! "You're the only one I want," Ford admits. He'll do whatever it takes to get Langston back. She refuses to drop Ford's class and says, "Wait all you want." Langston walks away with Ford calling after her.

Rex shows up at Rodi's and gives Gigi the check from Kelly. He wants her to use it for college. Gigi is appreciative but can't hide her jealously of Kelly. Rex thinks she's being silly then becomes jealous when Gigi talks about all of the young college guys. They kiss their insecurities away. Natalie arrives and blurts, "Eli is dead." Rex wonders if Kelly knows. Kelly appears and Gigi snarks, "Ask her yourself." Rex rushes off and Natalie worries to Gigi about John finding out her baby isn't his. Gigi warns Natalie to stay calm or John will sense what's going on. She changes the subject and asks about Gigi's issues with Kelly. Across the room Kelly vents to Rex about the fact that Eli is dead and won't have to answer to anything. Gigi watches as Kelly breaks down in Rex's arms over her mother's unnecessary death.

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