John arrives at the Tahiti police station to pick up Eli. Ross waves at John who informs the cops that he's not Eli. He's Ross Rayburn who is wanted in the States! When the cop explains where they found Ross John begs him to take him there now! After John leaves Ross begs the cops to let him go. He needs to get to his brother before John does!

Over at the house the gun goes off and Eli is shot! "How could you do this?" Eli asks as he collapses and knocks a candle over along the way. Blair rushes to his side then sees the fire climbing the curtains. Blair tries to put out the fire but only spreads it. She begs Eli to wake up and tries to pull him out of the house. John busts in and screams for Blair. The ceiling starts caving in but John manages to get Blair out. She admits she shot Eli. The ceiling collapses on Eli. John can't get to him. Blair watches the area engulfed in flames. "Where's my brother?" Ross screams from behind them. "He's gone," Blair cries as they all stare at the flames.

Back at Llanview U Ford explains Eli's threats to Langston. She doesn't believe his sob story or that he cares about her. She claims the person Ford is describing isn't him, it's James. Ford admits he found out about Eli's past and blackmailed him. Langston can't believe Ford let Eli run around town knowing he was a killer. Ford only wanted to find a way to rescue his brother and admits it killed him to see her with James. Langston doesn't know what to believe. Ford knows Langston deserves the best. He doesn't know how to give it but says, "I want to learn." Ford wants her back and vows to do anything to prove he can be trusted. "Like what?" Langston asks. Ford takes her in a kiss!

Walking through the park Starr gets a text from Cole and says to herself, "I'm mad at you!" James appears and asks if there's anything he can do. Starr doesn't think it's a good idea. If Starr did want his opinion James admits he'd have to side with Cole. He was just trying to do the right thing. James assures Starr that if Blair's anything like her she wouldn't let Eli get the best of her. As James showers Starr with compliments it appears as though they are going to kiss until Todd texts her. Starr looks upset and has to leave. James offers to go with her. She wishes James luck with his studies then rushes off. James takes his shirt off, lays on a picnic table and studies for his GED.

Jessica meets Dr. Wright at Llanview Hospital. She brings up her Rh treatment. Just as Dr. Wright tries to talk her out of it, since the baby isn't in danger, Viki appears and wonders what's going on. After some pleasantries Dr. Wright leaves. Viki wonders why Jessica was asking about Rh treatments. Isn't Brody's blood type compatible with hers? Jessica claims she's just being cautious. Viki reluctantly accepts Jessica's reasoning then receives a text from Todd.

Shaun arrives at the diner and tells Destiny and Nate that Tea died. Dani didn't get to say goodbye. Greg appears and Shaun wonders why he's back in Llanview. He was supposed to wait for Tea's ashes. "Where's Tea?" Shaun demands. Greg explains that things are taking longer than expected. Destiny lashes out at Shaun who apologizes to Greg. Over talk of Dani Greg admits she's hurting dearly. Destiny cries for Dani. She suggests she and Nate bring Todd and Dani some food. Shaun doesn't think they're ready for company. Greg begs to differ and offers to buy everything on the menu. Later, Dr. Wright arrives and hears the news about Tea. She holds Shaun close who admits Greg hasn't been himself since Tea's been his patient. Vivian explains that it's never easy for a doctor to lose a patient.

At the Manning Estate Dani finds a souvenir and remembers her time with Tea at the fountain in New York City. Todd joins her and says she'll always have her memories. Dani thinks her memories suck. She hates Tea now and always will! Tea was selfish and left them! Todd begs Dani not to talk about Tea like this. When she continues Todd grabs her and demands that she take back everything she said about Tea! Dani refuses and thinks Todd should hate her too. He admits he's upset and screams, "All right I hate her! But I also happen to love her!" Dani cries and apologizes. She weeps when she realizes she broke the necklace Tea gave her before she left. Destiny and Nate arrive and insist on seeing Dani who rushes into their arms. Even though Todd trashes Greg Destiny hugs him tight and says, "I'm sorry for your loss, Mr. Manning." Viki, Jessica and Starr arrive and express their sympathies. Todd pulls Starr aside. Dani needs her sister. Starr wouldn't be anywhere else right now and says there's something Todd needs to know about Blair. Across the room Viki thanks Destiny for her gesture. Destiny assures Viki her brother tried to help Tea but he just couldn't do enough.

Back at the hospital Greg leaves a message for Eli and says, "We need to talk about Tea Delgado's death."

Next on One Life to Live:

Natalie worries John will find out her baby might not be his.

Eli's charred body is recovered.

Starr informs Todd she's going to plan a memorial service for Tea.

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