Rex brings Kelly to his loft. Just as she thanks him for helping her Gigi arrives, sees them hugging and asks, "Am I interrupting?" Kelly explains how Rex found her mother's killer then leaves. Gigi's jealous but Rex assures her she's the only girl for him. Gigi has to get to college and worries about fitting in. Rex reassures Gigi and vows to help her with the bills. After Gigi leaves Rex strips and heads to the shower. Kelly walks back in and catches him in his underwear! She hands Rex a substantial check for his work. Rex and Kelly agree they were a great team.

Clint runs into Inez at the country club and finds out she's Bo's assistant. And Nate's mom. Clint listens with interest as Inez raves about everything Bo did for her. Inez gets a text and has to leave. Clint smiles as she goes.

At the station Nora informs Cole that Hannah is still facing obstruction of justice charges. Cole pleads Hannah's case. Nora wonders why he's defending her. Cole only wants to be sure Hannah gets a fair shake.

In his office Bo reminds Matthew of his other priorities and suggests he wait to work at B.E. Matthew brings up Inez again. Bo tries to reason with Matthew about Dani leaving him. Matthew taunts his father for stealing his brother's wife and thinks Bo doesn't want him working with Clint. Bo assures Matthew that he, Nora and Clint are past what happened and suggests Matthew get past it too! Nora appears and hears about Clint's offer. She thinks Clint's extending an olive branch. Bo reluctantly agrees to honor his decision to work at B.E. Matthew thanks him but refuses to honor Bo's reasons for hiring Inez. After Matthew leaves Nora admits she understands Matthew's feelings. Inez is the mother of the boy who broke Matthew's heart. Inez overhears from outside the door as Bo makes it clear Inez was the best candidate for the job. He wonders if Nora expects him to fire Inez for Matthew's sake. Nora denies it but hates seeing Matthew hurting. Bo thinks he'll get over it. Nora wonders if Bo ever got over his first love.

Matthew finds Clint at the country club and announces he's decided to work for him. They shake hands. Clint knows Matthew is going to be a real asset.

Over at Llanview University Langston and Starr find out that Ford's teaching their writing class and that James plans to attend too. Starr and Langston refuse to take the class. James offers to drop out. Ford reminds everyone that there's only one writing class that's required and it's his. Starr and James agree to coexist at school. Just as Langston informs James she can't see him anymore Cole appears and goes after Ford for knowing about Eli, which hurt Hannah. Starr wants to call Blair but Cole stops her and says, "John's handling it." Starr is furious that Cole knew about Eli and allowed Blair to run off with him! While they argue Ford admits to Langston that Eli threatened to hurt her too. That's another reason why he went along with Eli. Across the room Gigi worries about her book expenses then spots a flyer that could help. James peers over her shoulder and reads about the grant. James' attention turns to Starr who runs from Cole in a fury.

Marty goes to see Hannah at St. Ann's. Hannah hands her a letter. Marty looks at the letter as Hannah apologizes for her lies. Marty apologizes for what Eli made Hannah do and thanks her profusely for saving Cole. Marty wants to help Hannah by talking to her parents. Hannah warns Marty that her parents can be cold and cries, "I'm an embarrassment." Marty comforts her. Hannah admits what she did to Starr and Cole was a waste of time. No one could ever break them up.

In Tahiti Blair aims a gun at Eli. She asks if the gun is really his, suggests Eli was going to use it on her and says, "Well, let me return the favor!" Blair doesn't believe Eli's explanation about Ross and screams, "It was you! You're going to confess right now!" Eli remains silent. Blair cocks the hammer on the revolver and says, "Goodbye Eli." Eli admits he was married before but really only loved Blair then says, "I was Bennett Thompson and I did everything they said I did." Blair sobs as Eli explains how he wanted to become another person and how he fell for Blair. Over talk of Marty he admits it was an accident that Marty's baby died. He only wanted to startle her enough so John would come home and get off his trail. His first wife was a drunk and fell. Eli buried the body because no one would've believed him. However, his second wife threatened him. Eli wants Blair to run away with him. He taunts her about loving him because of the danger and says, "Admit it… You want me now more than ever." Eli grabs the gun, pushes Blair against the wall and kisses her. A shot goes off. He pulls away and stares at Blair who cries, "Eli?"

Next on One Life to Live:

John searches for Eli and Blair.

A fire starts in Tahiti.

Jessica lies when she's found at the hospital by Viki.

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