Outside Viki's door, Nash approaches Claudia and he asks if she was out drinking the night before. She shows him a bag and says she's dropping something off for Antonio. When Claudia taunts Nash about 'giving in' to Jessica's rules about Bree, Nash says he doesn't want to fight with Jess. The door opens and Jessica invites them in.

While Jessica and Nash go upstairs to see Bree, Antonio asks Claudia if she's okay. Claudia looks to the liquor and admits that she's been drinking. Claudia gets emotional, says she wants to stop drinking but she can't, and Antonio comforts her with a hug. Antonio gives her advice by saying not to destroy her life with alcohol.

With a glint of jealousy, Jessica asks Nash if he and Claudia came there together, and Nash says that it was pure coincidence. When Nash goes upstairs to get Bree, Claudia comes out into the hallway, and Jessica tells her that Nash is off limits! Claudia accuses Jessica of wanting Nash for herself! Antonio joins them and gives Jessica a kiss goodbye. When Nash comes downstairs, Jessica tells him that she's setting him up on a date!

Layla tells Rex that an unknown investor deposited money in her and Adriana's business account. She wonders if Vincent is the one behind the check.

Adriana goes to Dorian's to see Kelly before she leaves for London, and Dorian asks her to stay for lunch - for Kelly's sake. Adriana agrees. While Kelly is feeding the baby, Dorian talks to Adriana about forgiveness and admits that she's made mistakes. Adriana brings up the fact that Dorian left her for someone else to raise. Dorian says, "I love you. Please tell me you love me just a little bit." However, Adriana says she can't love someone she doesn't trust. Kelly comes in, and Adriana says her good-byes, then leaves.

Blair and Todd tell Starr that Spencer is missing and no one knows where he is. Although Starr appears worried, Todd and Blair promise that they'll protect her. When Starr goes upstairs, Blair tells Todd that they can't keep Spencer in the warehouse! She goes to the phone to call the cops, but Todd snatches it out of her hand. Blair tells him that they need to get the info about his son's whereabouts from Spencer fast because she can't take anymore of this especially now! Todd says, "What do you mean 'especially now'?" The phone rings

Evangeline asks Todd, "Do you know what happened to Spencer?" Todd blows her off and says he had nothing to do with Spencer being missing. After he hangs up, Starr and Jack come downstairs and Blair takes them to see Kelly's baby.

Todd calls the Governor

Spencer continues to think back on the conversation with his mother, and again states that he'll make the Buchanan's pay!

Bo goes to Evangeline and asks for her honesty He asks if she's covering the fact that Todd abducted Spencer? Evangeline tells Bo that she would have no part in helping Todd and that she wants Spencer caught, too! Evangeline comments that Todd and Blair are trying to work things out and she can't imagine that Todd would risk that by doing something stupid again!

Adriana returns home, Layla tells her that Rex had been there, but couldn't wait for her to get back. Adriana fills Layla in on her conversation with Dorian and tells her that Dorian refuses to apologize. Layla tries to be the devil's advocate by saying Adriana only has one mother. Trying to cheer her up, Layla shows Adriana some of the new samples that she made for their new underwear collection.

Rex goes to Dorian's and asks if she's been pumping money into Adriana's business account. Dorian admits it and says that she wants to help make Adriana's dreams come true. Rex accuses her of trying to buy Adriana's love with money. Dorian says she's desperate. Rex leaves

Bo tells Evangeline that Todd called the Governor and demanded that Bo pull the cops off his tail. Bo says he had no choice but to back off, but becomes more suspicious of Todd.

Dorian makes a toast to Kelly wishing her much happiness in London with Kevin. Blair gets a phone and tells Dorian that the doctor wants to see her. The DNA test results are in! Blair says, "This has to be Todd's baby..."

With his gun pointed at Spencer, Todd goes into the warehouse. He stands over Spencer and taunts him as each drop of water hits his face. Todd pokes the gun at Spencer and asks him where his son is! However, Spencer just laughs

Next on One Life to Live: Jessica hooks Nash & Layla up, Blair gets some long awaited news, Spencer goes after Todd, Nora questions Marty, Starr & Langston argue about Cole and Marty sees her son with Starr...