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Welcome to Amy’s “One Life in a Week” for June 21 – 25:

This week was filled with a slew of lies. Ford lied, Hannah lied, Starr lied… Who didn’t lie? Let’s look through the goings on in Llanview together and analyze what went down…

Trading In His Pitch Fork For Half Of A Halo.
Finally Dani admitted to Tea that it’s possible Todd isn’t all that bad. The scenes surrounding Tea’s fight to survive as well as her fear of breaking the news to Dani brought me to tears. Tea and Todd work as a couple. Todd as Dani’s father… It works too. It’s nice to see Todd put Dani in her place and not tiptoe around the girl trying to make her believe in him anymore. This only shows his first priority is Tea. So is that why he went and kissed Kelly? To halt her suspicions in regards to his somber mood? Classic Todd Manning! He was right about one thing though… Kelly kissed him back. What was with that?

The $64,000 Question: Who Attacked Ford?
I thought for sure Hannah was the one who tried to kill Ford. It was obvious Ford was working with Todd to make sure Hannah goes down for the crime. My guess is Ford’s bank account just surpassed his teaching wage ten times over. What about the blood John found on Hannah’s sweater? Planted as well? Possibly. On the flipside, if Hannah didn’t do it who did? The writers have done a great job with this mystery. While I brushed aside Jessica’s doubts about having been involved I have to wonder if she did snap and try to bash Ford’s head in. [Too bad the beating didn’t give Ford an attitude adjustment!] If this ends up being the case we all know Jessica won’t get in any trouble for it and the beating will just be added to the long list of her mentally excused crimes. I touched base on this a few weeks ago and I have to wonder if I’m the only who feels as though Jessica will never be back to her normal self. Be sure to vote your thoughts in our Jessica’s Demeanor Poll.

Friends With Benefits.
One thing’s for sure I’m getting a bit sick of Natalie dwelling on her night with Brody. She finally has John back, Brody isn’t thinking twice about it yet she isn’t able to handle the guilt of sleeping with Jessica’s man. I think it’s out of character to have her acting this way at this point in the game. Sure she feels guilty but either confess or get over it already.