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Welcome to Amy’s “One Life in a Week” for June 7 – 11:

This week was filled with a ton of different elements. We went from Bo and Nora’s wedding leading others to reconnect on a very emotional level right back into the excitement and mystery surrounding Ford’s attack. Amongst other things! Let’s take a look…

I thoroughly enjoyed Bo and Nora’s wedding wrap-up this week. David officiating the ceremony, Clint storming in ready to turn the event into a funeral and Lindsay’s customized prison license plate only added to the much anticipated event. However, I was totally surprised that neither Dorian nor Todd didn’t show up to crash it. And where the heck was Marty? She’s always been such a good friend of Nora’s. I found it a bit unbelievable that Marty would stay away just because John and Natalie are together. Speaking of which, the pool table at Rodi’s got some action, as did The Palace Hotel rooftop and the walls of Elijah’s room. I loved the passion this week with the moments of sincerity thrown in. Blair and Elijah’s marriage talk was great. I think we’re going to see this couple get very serious in the coming summer months. I have to give Rex and Gigi props for starting over and holding back on having sex. As silly as it sounds, since they’ve experienced more than most couples in their lifetime, it was nice to see a couple beat the odds without giving in to sex to seal the deal. As for Jessica and her returning memories… I’m still not seeing much of a change in her since she lost them.

Victim Of Attempted Murder.
Langston made a bold move by confessing that she tried to kill Ford. Stupid? Maybe. Whatever the reason if she’s trying to make things up to Markko it’s a bit too late. It did start the ball rolling for their release though. I was really peeved with the writers for writing in ‘the race card’ when Tea was trying to threaten John into releasing Markko. And people wonder why there are still these types of issues in society today… Hannah appears to be dumber than we thought. If she did attempt to do away with Ford why would she risk being seen at the hospital, taunting his condition no less? Ford’s brother James was thrown into the mix. Could it be that the people who are after him went after Ford as a warning? Please vote in our What to Make of James poll to let me know your thoughts. I’m still sold on Hannah being at fault but we’ll get more details into this next week. Not to mention the trouble James will cause for a few others in town. Note to Starr: You’re a mother now and are supposed to teach your child not to talk to strangers – not talk to strangers with your child two feet away.