Soap Actors Dish on The Future of Soaps. recently asked Daytime stars for their thoughts on what the future of soap operas holds. They’ve interviewed Y&R’s Amelia Heinle and have had a one on one with Days of our Lives’s James Scott. We’ve have spoken with The Bold and the Beautiful’s Ashley Jones, and chatted up Linda Dano, and General Hospital’s Matthew Borlenghi.

With Passions and Guiding Light already off the air and As the World Turns slotted for cancellation, we wonder what that means for the future of soaps. What are your thoughts on the cancellation of Passions, Guiding Light and now As The World Turns? Thoughts on the future of the genre?

Tuc: “I don’t know… I’m an actor not a producer and I wouldn’t want to have to make those decisions. TV in general is changing and becoming intertwined with the Internet. This is an opportunity for Daytime to take a leap into Internet programming. Soap operas have a format that’s been around for centuries. I think its format is going to evolve. I look at it as people who like soaps are going to be ahead of the curve. It’s all about how do we keep people entertained.”

Amy chimed in on her thoughts on what’s ahead with soap operas: I was a huge soap fanatic before working for I would actually schedule my day around my soaps and watched The Young and the Restless, The Bold and the Beautiful and One Life to Live in that order. I’ve been the OLTL writer since 2006 and have also written for B&B, Passions and Y&R at one point or another. I watch OLTL daily but still catch the others from time to time. Being that soaps are my job, which I enjoy immensely, I would probably only watch OLTL if I no longer worked in the business. We’ve seen three soaps canceled in the last few years, so of course I’m worried for the genre as a whole. Times are changing, as are the way people obtain their entertainment. If I were to be honest, unfortunately, I wouldn’t be surprised if we lost a few more in the next five to ten years. With that being said, I can’t see the television industry totally doing away with all soaps, so let’s enjoy the ride together!