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Welcome to Amy’s “One Life in a Week” for May 24 – 28:

Mystery surrounded much of Llanview this week and many are wondering who beat-up Ford. However, there were some other major developments that left a few people filled with guilt but do they really have anything to feel guilty about? Let’s take a look at the details and my take on things…

A Second-Rated Reunion.
As much as I enjoyed John and Natalie’s reunion I would have given anything for John to go out on a limb and really profess his love to Natalie. I get that he’s a man of few words. However, now that they’re back together I hope the writers really dig into these two as a couple. Not just base their interactions on sex, lack of communication, and, oh, yeah, that big secret that Natalie is keeping about Brody. Speaking of which… I know there’s bound to be some level of guilt felt by Natalie and Brody. Considering that John was ready to ‘stick things out’ with Marty and Jessica almost or did [Are we really sure what happened?] have sex with Ford I don’t think they should worry about it. In fact, Natalie and Brody need to chalk it up to two friends in need of comfort and keep a lid on it. Unless Natalie ends up pregnant, which I hope doesn’t happen. That’s a played out road I have no interest in going down.

The Sky Opened Up In Llanview.
The Llanview Gods have spoken and Jessica finally has her memory back. But was I the only one who couldn’t tell the difference? Sure, she may remember loving Brody and mothering Bree but Jessica still acted like a giddy high school girl during her conversations with Brody and Natalie. I hope she gets back to normal soon because Jessica was a great standalone character who was subjected to an awful storyline. If the show hadn’t made us privy to her remembering the past I’d have thought she was faking it.

The Work Of Llanview’s Resident Psycho?
I’ve been the first to say what a big dog Ford is. He uses women and gets off on rubbing it in the faces of their boyfriends. However, no one deserves to be beaten to within an inch of their life. The question is who beat Ford? I think Markko or Langston is too obvious a choice. Langston doesn’t have it in her, same goes for Markko, and Karen… I have a feeling she was with Ford for the sex without any real feelings attached. Jessica… she’s always thinking she’s done something she can’t remember so I’m marking her off of my list of suspects. This brings me to Hannah. Could it be she’s gotten her revenge and is trying to pin the beating on someone else?