Off on location!

Update: To add to the details of our earlier news, an ABC Rep tells, “OLTL is shooting on location in NJ (yesterday and today) for scenes that begin airing on June 14th. The scenes will play into our summer story. There will be some good summer adventure, some danger and the introduction of a new character.”

Llanview always delivers some great summer storylines and some of the cast and crew are already preparing for it. One Life to Live’s Kristen Alderson (Starr Manning) posted on her Twitter, “I love on location shoots… I’m getting all ‘princeton’ed out…freakin love it here.”

The location Kristen is referring to is in Palmer Square in Princeton. The Trentonian is reporting that the show will then move to the Pennington area where they’ll film several car stunts during an apparent argument between some characters. Yesterday filming took place at the Quarry Swimming Club at 180 Crusher Road in Hopewell, New Jersey and surrounded scenes with Kelley Missal (Dani Rayburn) and Nate Salinger (Lenny Platt).