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Welcome to Amy’s “One Life in a Week” for May 10 – 14:

What do you get when you throw in some old jewelry, a few slices of saucy pizza, some deceit, a big hunky bodyguard and a prom? This week in Llanview!

Dr. Seuss in New Mexico.
It’s no secret that Otto knows something about the necklace and I laughed out loud when Rex asked, “Are you my father?” I immediately thought of the Dr. Seuss book “Are You My Mother?” and the scene reminded me of why I adore John Paul (Rex) so much. He can manage to throw comedy into even the most serious storylines. I’ve enjoyed Rex and Gigi working together to find the truth. I like that they didn’t just give in to the attraction that’s still obviously there. They are working toward a bigger goal, regaining trust, while getting arrested along the way, and I think they just might have another shot at love.

Fueled by Pizza and Women.
Does Ford live on pizza and women? By now he must have an open ended tab with Karen the pizza delivery girl and the second he invited Jessica in for the saucy treat I was shaking my head. Good thing Jessica wants Cris… If she didn’t Ford wouldn’t have any trouble luring her into his pizza box covered bed. Wait, strike that… Seeing that she’s a virgin in disguise Jessica may very well be Ford’s biggest challenge yet. How would you react toward Ford if you didn’t know about his ways? Please take a moment to vote in our Ford Poll: Is He or Isn’t He? For those who are sick of Markko being played a fool… There’s a light at the end of the tunnel. Stay tuned!

Shifted Emotions.
I love, love, love Blair’s support of Tea. Their scenes have been heartbreaking, touching and even comical at times. Though I’ve always enjoyed Blair and Tea as enemies they make a good team as friends too. It was also great seeing Tea and Dani share some nice mother/daughter moments. These two could use some happiness with all of the drama that has consumed them since their arrival in Llanview.