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Welcome to Amy’s “One Life in a Week” for March 22 – 26:

Just when we recently recovered from Mitch’s kidnapping scheme, his disciple Allison went out and did a little kidnapping of her own. Brody challenged Jessica to a game of Horse, and if you watched all of the episodes, there was a heck of a lot more that went on too! Let’s take a peek…

Strip away, Brody, strip away:
Finally, a Jessica scene that I did enjoy! Brody and his game of Horse was a perfect way, and on Jessica’s level, to get her to go out with him. Did anyone else notice how Jessica was staring when Brody took off his shirt? Hell, if it takes him stripping naked and running through the high school hallways on a dare to get Jessica to remember, I’m all for it! Strip away, Brody, strip away. Her claiming to have gotten over Cris was a bit over the top. Just get your darn memory back, Jessica, because I’m so over you – as a giddy high school girl.

Tea refused to take another man away from Blair:
Blair chose to connect the strings between her and Elijah and shoot for something more than just wall-shattering sex – even if it took Jessica to make her see the light, which is beyond me. I’m all for this pairing and loved Tea’s little jab as she left Blair and Elijah to their private relationship consultation by saying she didn’t want to be responsible for taking another man away from Blair. Good jab! While Blair and Tea have been able to put their differences aside in the past, for the sake of their kids, this is one rivalry that will never end, and I don’t want it to.

No, it’s a meatloaf, Roxy:
Did Rex actually do something smart by not marrying Gigi for all of the wrong reasons? Well, I’ll be, I think he did! I guess even I got ahead of myself last week, saying they could make a marriage work, but I never expected Rex to be logical, after the months we’ve been forced to watch him act the opposite. What I’m most interested in is what Allison is holding over Roxy, concerning Rex. It’s ironic that the funniest line of the week came at the cost of Sierra’s kidnapping, who’s now in the clutches of crazy Allison, but it was funny all the same… “Is that a baby?” Roxy asked, to which Allison replied, “No, it’s a meatloaf, Roxy.” Another funny scene was Dorian laughing that Kim’s purse was a knock-off to Dorian’s designer one, and Kim informing Dorian that her husband, Clint Buchanan, loves to keep her happy! The look on Dorian’s face was priceless. Funny stuff aside, everyone is racing to save Sierra and the excitement is only beginning. Next week will bring many revelations and a huge audience to view them!