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Welcome to Amy’s “One Life in a Week” for March 15 – 19:

We may be upset with some of the storylines, but we have to be thankful that the NCAA Basketball Tournament wasn’t on ABC, which allowed us five full episodes, unlike those who were forced to miss a few of their CBS soaps. With that being said, let’s dissect Llanview, and those creating a ruckus in town, together. Here are just a few things that caught my mind’s eye this week…

Here we go again, Greg has appeared to have reverted back to a bit of his old self, one I am not liking very much these days. It’s evident his beef with Schuyler goes way beyond something Greg can’t prove happened at the hospital – even though it did. If you ask me, he hasn’t liked Schuyler from the moment he moved in with Rachel, and now Greg’s making it his mission to make sure everyone else doubts Schuyler as well. I feel as though I’m on a rollercoaster ride with some of these characters… I like them, I don’t, I like them, I don’t – makes me want to grab a daisy and start pulling away the petals one by one!

A hint of a new twist occurred this week… Allison managed to confuse Mitch, which is hard to do, with talk of Schuyler and Sierra, using them as pawns to help Mitch escape, and Roxy confused Gigi with talk of Allison taking away her baby, which Gigi ultimately thought to be Rex. However, could it be possible that Schuyler was the baby Allison took from Roxy and switched with Rex? I’m puzzled already! If we were confused about Natalie and Jessica being twins, with two different fathers, I can bet the writers will have their hands full trying to explain this one… On a side note… What do you think about Gigi’s marriage proposal to Rex? No matter what her reasoning is, I think these two could make it work, as it’s evident that they still have a long history of falling in and out of love – or maybe they never truly stopped loving each other over all of these years?

I was happy that Schuyler hauled off and punched Rex. When Stacy was pregnant, Rex gave up everything to take care of his unborn baby, including a life with Gigi, and he has the nerve to demand that Schuyler hand his daughter over to Gigi? Even though we know Sierra isn’t Schuyler’s, he’s doing the same thing… giving up Gigi to take care of his daughter – you’d think Rex would see that? But we have a bigger problem now, and her name is Allison Perkins!