Hair blooper?! (

Welcome to Amy’s “One Life in a Week” for March 8 – 12:

The custody battle and Marty’s pregnancy had my head spinning like Regan in “The Exorcist” this week. Who should raise Sierra Rose, and hold on to your hats fans, Marty’s pregnant with John’s baby? Talk about a twist! Whether we like it or not, we’re left to deal with it, as is Natalie…

Roxy had me in stitches with her references to Marty being pregnant and even shocked me a bit with her sensible advice, that Marty tell John the truth. I can’t imagine John being ready for fatherhood, given that he can’t get Natalie out of his head – or away from his lips – and it’s obvious that Natalie isn’t ready for John to be off limits in such a way either. Boy, did Natalie let the cat out of the bag on this one!

It didn’t surprise me that Hannah was a victim of Ford’s love ’em and leave ’em scam but it was clear that she had no intentions of forgetting what he’d done to her. Let’s hope she’ll be the one to show Langston the light because I’m really not up for another psycho on the loose storyline – we already have Allison Perkins running around Llanview, snapping up pictures of the kids in town. I had to giggle when she told Shane, “Say ‘Heed The Messenger’,” before she took his picture!

Clint may like throwing around the sugar, but he’s no fool and proved it by presenting Kim with a pre-nup, which she ultimately signed. You’d think Kim would’ve had a fling or two since arriving in Llanview, but she hasn’t, so her giving up an extra-marital sex life didn’t appear to be that big of a deal to me, especially since Kim has made it clear she has no quirks about the possibility of sleeping with Clint. In the end, she did something very unselfish in the name of Sierra Rose, which makes her okay in my book. Since Amanda is leaving soon, it’ll be interesting to see how Kim’s recent marriage to Clint unfolds… Is it me, or are you enjoying Stacy as a figment of Kim’s imagination more than you did when she was alive?

I’m getting bored with Fish and his temper tantrums. It’s clear that Kyle is the mature one in the relationship, always has been, and Fish needs to buck up and claim his daughter already! My heart breaks for Schuyler, even though he did get sucked in by the devils, Kim and Stacy, but it’s Gigi who I’m annoyed with. Granted she and Stacy made peace before her death, but instead of constantly saying she’s going to do right by her sister, Gigi would fare better if she made her intentions about Sierra – not the sister she could hardly stand. Back to Schuyler, news came that the show is letting Scott Clifton go. I’m not happy about this at all and talked to Scott about his exit. Find out what Scott teased in regards to his remaining days in Llanview… Rachel and Greg’s break-up… It doesn’t take a genius to see that the show is setting us up for Rachel’s Llanview exit as well.