Crazy Allison returned! (

Welcome to Amy’s “One Life in a Week” for March 1 – 5:

An unexpected death occurred, old characters returned and so much happened in between… There was a little bit of everything thrown out for fans this week. Some of it had me wanting more, but other storylines, more to the point a certain character had me fried to the bone – Hint: My SUV happens to be made by his surname…

Langston finally gave in and slept with Ford, and if I could’ve jumped through my screen while the arrogant SOB laughed to himself about bedding her, then went and taunted Markko about his workout, I would have slapped the puke silly! Ford is hot and all – okay, he’s smoking hot – but the way he’s using Langston, knowing everything she has to lose, just ticks me off. Why not go after a more mature woman who doesn’t mind a one-nighter? I guess the chase wouldn’t be as appealing to Llanview’s latest gigolo. I wish the writers wouldn’t have ruined the character this way, darn it, because I liked Ford – and want to like him again – and would enjoy watching him with a woman who was out for the same thing… pure unadulterated sex, cause there’s nothing wrong with that! Oh, Langston, you poor sap… Ford has you right where he wants you. Let’s just hope Blair hasn’t given up on proving her point that the man is simply a dog.

What does everyone think of Hannah? She seems like a nice girl, as Starr stated last week, but I’m feeling a major conflict in the making here. With all of the crying going on at his apartment, it makes one wonder if Cole will take Hannah up on her offer to study at her dorms – a place she clearly teased they could have to themselves, since her roomie wasn’t there much. I look forward to what’s ahead because, really, if we’re just left to watch Starr and Cole raise Hope happily ever after, it’s going to be a boring road for these characters.

Many fans were upset that Melinda was the Cramer girl who died. I would have liked it to have been Cassie, like we were all led to believe, but can see why the writers killed off a character who we haven’t seen in years – it made the most sense and brought Kevin back to Llanview, which is always good. The scene with Adriana kissing Rex, not so much… I adore Melissa Fumero but hate what the writers did to her character. On to Kevin’s proposal… Kevin and Kelly used to be such a great couple, but I think too much has happened between them – and wouldn’t want to see them going down that road again. If I had my wish, Kevin would be back for good, running The Banner [Is the newspaper still in business?] as the exciting reporter he once was.

Schuyler is scrambling to come to terms with everything he’s done, Kim is seeing ghosts of strippers past and it appears Rex and Gigi are forming a united front. It was a nice touch throwing the dolls, Sierra and Rose, into the mix – probably one of the best emotional props I’ve seen on the show in a long time. We’ve seen some heated custody battles throughout the years, but I can promise you, this will be the mother of all battles – since so many people will be fighting for that precious, cute little baby. I must say, I’m happy that Kim was honest with Clint, in regards to her proposal, and Clint’s reaction to ‘everything Kim’ is making me like this character again.