Last Friday, the 37th Annual Daytime Emmy Pre-Nominations were released, and not only did bring you the list in full, we broke down some of the memorable One Life to Live storylines for those actors who made the list.

In regards to his pre-nomination, Mark Lawson (Brody Lovett) told, “This has been a very exciting few days for me. For two years I’ve been showing up to work every day trying to bring my best for the cast and crew and to earn my keep. To get a slap on the back from them is the real reward. I show up to enjoy acting for myself and to be there for the other artists at the show, so getting a bit of recognition for it is icing on the cake.”

We can only imagine the excitement Mark and all of the actors are experiencing, and wants to extend a pat on the back to him as well! Did you view all of the One Life to Live Daytime Emmy Pre-Nominees?