Credit: Scott Clifton (Broadway World)

Today we got our first look at the 37th Annual Daytime Emmy Pre-Nominees, and was excited to see some One Life to Live actors make the cut!

And the pre-nominees are…

Outstanding Lead Actor Pre-Nominees: Jerry ver Dorn (Clint Buchanan) and Robert S. Woods (Bo Buchanan). The actors’ storylines were closely intertwined in 2009 and began well before Matthew Buchanan’s (Eddie Alderson) accident. We watched the drama unfold as Clint and Bo struggled through issues of being in love with the same woman – and Bo ultimately taking back his ex, Nora (Hillary B. Smith), from his brother Clint.

Outstanding Lead Actress Pre-Nominees: Erika Slezak (Viki Banks) and Hillary B. Smith (Nora Buchanan). While Hillary was a part of the triangle mentioned above, Erika had an emotional storyline last year – one she’s been involved in in the past. We watched as Viki tried to hold together her family, save her daughter Jessica, who was suffering from D.I.D., while giving her all to her husband Charlie Banks (Brian Kerwin). One thing we can say about Erika and Hillary’s characters, they’re two of Llanview’s greatest moms!

Outstanding Supporting Actor Pre-Nominees: Mark Lawson (Brody Lovett), Brian Kerwin (Charlie Banks) and Brett Claywell (Kyle Lewis). Talk about a great group of actors! Charlie Banks was a big character in 2009 and proved to be a man Viki (Erika Slezak) could always depend on. Brody not only survived his mental breakdown but ended up falling in love with the woman of his dreams, Jessica (Bree Williamson), who he helped overcome her own emotional problems. Kyle played a huge part in the gay storyline surrounding Oliver Fish (Scott Evans), his college sweetheart, and convinced him that together their love could conquer all.