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Welcome to Amy’s “One Life in a Week” for February 22 – 26:

Admissions of guilt were in full force this week, along with undeniable feelings, secret visitors and another rockin performance by Snoop Dogg! We all watched how they went down, now let’s pick apart the episodes together. Hold on tight, it’s going to be a bumpy ride…

Well, the cat was finally let out of the bag… Gigi found out that Schuyler was Sierra Rose’s father – and Rex was the first to blame Schuyler for his and Gigi’s demise. I guess knowing that Schuyler really isn’t the father made the scenes that much more painful for me to watch. Schuyler was definitely wrong for lying to Gigi, but he really loves Gigi – and Scott Clifton did an amazing job projecting his character’s love and ultimate heartache.

The kids on the show act more like adults than some adults do. Shane was a real trooper when Rex broke the news that he wasn’t Sierra Rose’s father. I was impressed that Shane not only felt bad for the things he’d said about Stacy, and promised to be there for his new baby cousin, but also didn’t pull any punches by asking if Rex and Gigi were now going to get back together – since what tore them apart, Stacy’s pregnancy, was no longer a factor. Then there was Matthew… a healthy teenage boy who turned down sex with Dani. Matthew has grown up to be a very respectful and caring kid. There aren’t many boys his age who would have been able to control their raging hormones like he did.

Are any of you wondering why Fish is putting off a DNA test? I can see where he wouldn’t want to upset Gigi further, but when Stacy was pregnant, knowing the baby could be his, there were times when he insisted on being there to watch over her – now he’s ready to throw away any possibility that Sierra Rose could be his? I feel like Fish is reverting back to that scared state, when he wasn’t sure what would be acceptable to society. Good thing he has Kyle, who has taken matters into his own hands.

I’m getting bored already with Jessica’s memory loss. While my heart breaks for Brody, I’m eager to see if Cris will remain faithful to Layla or if his past feelings for Jessica will resurface. Either way, Jessica’s current state of mind will cause a roadblock for many.

I like seeing Todd creating more snappy headlines for The Sun, but I was a bit shocked that he went after Blair. I mean, didn’t he and Tea agree to take things slow with Dani, with hopes that one day they could all be a family? Props to Blair for refusing to be Todd’s blow-up doll and telling him to get his act together and move on. While the scene was fun, it wasn’t so much out of character for these two, but it didn’t seem to fit where the writers have been taking the storyline as of late. Forget Todd and Blair, writers, bring back Elijah in a towel!