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Welcome to Amy’s “One Life in a Week” for February 15 – 19:

Wow, what a week… We had rescues, a sudden death, lame explanations for why some were kissing, and random chats with strangers. Let’s start with the most evidently stupid act of the week surrounding Kelly and Adriana…

After all of these years, don’t these two know it’s not wise to talk to strangers – let alone allow them to drive you home – in Paris, no less! My last remark on Paris comes from the movie “Taken,” which Kelly and Adriana obviously haven’t seen, but the movie was enough to give me a chilling reminder that strangers equal trouble – something we all learned before pre-school. I’m overjoyed at having Gina (Kelly) back on the show. When Kelly was forced to enlist David’s help, it reminded me of the great, funny chemistry these two have. How about Adriana and her sex game with Emile? Too bad she never considered sharing her fantasy with Rex, her ex-husband… I think he really would have enjoyed seeing that side of her. It’s kind of silly that she never brought it up to him. Maybe it’s just me, but if that were my fantasy, I’d have no problem telling my husband so…

Dorian finally confessing her sins came at the cost of Jessica getting shot. Though I’m so over the ongoing drama between Dorian and Viki, I doubt that she would have fessed up if she hadn’t been trying to save face. In fact, by her offering to be there, should Viki need help getting rid of Mitch, only proved my point. In the end, given that scene with Cassie drinking the tea, the special blend that Addie supposedly shipped her, it makes one think that Mitch may have gotten to one of Dorian’s girls after all. Stay tuned!

While I was enjoying Ford and Langston’s brewing passion, now that I know he’s a player, I’m not a fan of Langston ruining what she has with Markko over this gigolo. She’s young, so it’s going to take a lot more than warnings from others to keep her away from him. Cris can waste his breath and warn Ford all he wants, about getting involved with a student, but it’ll take someone standing up and showing Langston Ford’s player card in the weeks to come to give her the real eye opener – and Ford a well deserved ‘gotcha’!

I was a little surprised that Todd and Blair didn’t tell Jack about Dani, given that the Manning laundry is always aired out to the public – you’d think they would want to give him forewarning. Not so long ago they had to explain Sam’s coming to be, so what’s one more heir added to the fold? I really don’t think it would have phased Jack one bit, and I got a kick out of him saying to himself, “No one tells me anything,” after he overheard he had a new sister in town. It makes me wonder if Jack will try to blackmail a car out of someone with this newfound info – not that anyone’s trying to hide Dani’s paternity, but Jack is a chip off the old Manning block!

Natalie and John scrambled to try to make it clear to Marty that their kiss wasn’t what it seemed. Marty hit the nail on the head when she reminded them of their reoccurring feelings, ones that have been evident over the past few weeks, yet John and Natalie continued to diminish them. Doing this only spells two things in the making: disaster for Marty, and one hell of a hot upcoming sexual tension filled scene between the denying duo. Not a spoiler, just an obvious observation. And by Natalie urging John to make things right with Marty, is only bound to put fuel on the fire.