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Welcome to Amy’s “One Life in a Week” for February 8 – 12:

This week was all about survival… John pretended to be Jared in order to keep Natalie awake. Ghosts from the past returned to try to save others from themselves, and though Jessica couldn’t save herself from Mitch, Brody was there to do it for her – too bad she didn’t remember her rescuer…

I can’t tell you how disgusted I was to see Mitch kissing Jessica. I think the writers would have been better off to leave the image of incest off screen, but when Brody busted through the door I sighed a huge relief. If I had to watch this sick father rape his daughter, in order to create ‘the chosen one’, I would have thrown up all over my keyboard. I felt so bad for Brody when he found out that Jessica had no memory of their love… However, Fish was my hero of the week when he appeared in time to save Brody by killing Nurse Charles. That robotic woman was getting on my last nerve!

I knew if anyone was going to save Dorian’s soul, who in turn set out to save Charlie’s, it would be Mel. When word came out that Mel was returning, I was hoping, since they had never found a body, that they would bring him back from the dead. He was such a good, solid character, who still had his flaws, but could always keep Dorian in line. Too bad she grabbed Charlie’s arm, which prevented her from killing Mitch for good – and ended up shooting Jessica. However, with Mitch’s latest threat to one of her Cramer girls, and Kelly and Adriana’s gift from a stranger in Paris, who knows which girl will be in danger next. At least Jessica is back in Llanview, where she can get the care she needs. A lot of fans have asked me if she’ll remember Brody soon, and though I can’t release all of the details yet, it’s going to be a very sad, confusing couple of months ahead for Mr. Lovett.

I thought Rex was going to kill Schuyler after finding out that he wasn’t Stacy’s baby daddy – and I think he would have if Fish hadn’t stopped him. Rex’s urgent need to get to Gigi makes me wonder if these two will be getting back together sooner than anyone thought. The key question here is… Will Gigi take him back?

I think throwing this ‘thought’ in here is so out of order, but again, this week we saw these random scenes in the mix with the much more exciting ones, so I guess it’s okay. Destiny and Dani as friends? I surely won’t miss Destiny’s whining over Matthew, but I think I like her and Dani better as enemies. Then again, I’m not much for these teen storylines to begin with… Todd and Tea… Their back and forth ‘do you love me enough’ scenes are getting stale quick. Either they move on as a couple, and work to help Dani accept Todd, or they don’t – get on with it!